Gemini January 2016


Gemini January 2016

With so many planets on the right side of the Gemini-horoscope, you are more focused on relationships. Mercury retrogrades from 5 to January 24, 2016. That’s why you have been less 'present' and more focused on the other. January 2016 is a month to take it slow. Your time is yet to come.
Maybe it’s a good idea to ease off a bit. Let others do the worrying. Find the time for a good conversation with yourself. Which way do you want to? In the Spring of 2016 your time will come and then you can push things forward.

Love and Relationships
Jupiter is your planet of Love. Jupiter retrogrades from January 8, 2016 to early May 2016. January is not a month of fiery passion and steamy love, but a harmonious one with more social activities. You and your partner are a team! Mercury gets along very well with Jupiter from January 9, 2016. Especially 14 and 15 January 16 2016 promise to be fine days for romance or social gatherings. However, it makes no sense to run fast. Jupiter retrogrades and Saturn will remain stationary in your House of Relationships. Take your time. Work on your relationship, do not expect ready-made solutions. Enjoy the things that are going well and do not regret what goes wrong. Break the routine and know to enjoy life!

Family and Home
The planetary shift to the upper half of the Gemini-horoscope shows that career and social objectives will become important. Your family remain important, but the time has come to shift your focus to the outside world. Jupiter retrogrades and is in the vicinity of the North Node. Therefore you feel like you are forced to make contact with the outside world while need to contact yourself. The Full Moon of January 24, 2016 falls in the House of Communication, Brothers and Sisters, Uncles and Aunts, neighbors and acquaintances. In the next two weeks there is a short trip out of town or you visit a nearby town. You have some catching up to do!

You embrace the New Year with anticipation to make changes, to create and innovate. Your enthusiasm however make colleagues and staff envious. They are afraid of changes or see your enthusiasm as a threat. Maybe you've just started a new job or own business. The established order might think you have to tone down. Even though you want it differently and everything is delayed, your flexible side is your greatest strength, Gemini. You feel like you have to prove yourself in many areas. Also legally. But you will find that success will come very soon.

A hectic and even chaotic start to the new year. Your first priority is to get your finances in order not to create problems in the course of January 2016. Don’t postpone matters and make sure you have everything arranged and recorded in the first three weeks of January 2016.
The New Moon of January 10, 2016 falls in your House of Public Finances. A new relationship makes an energetic start, but can stumble in January 2016 about a financial issue. Control your business well, Gemini! In your own business you need to keep a finger on the pulse regarding unpaid bills, both debtors and creditors. Accuracy makes money, indifference leads to loss. Keeps your records in order, both privately and in your own company. Invest this month in company training of your staff.

Your health looks good in January 2016. It is even better when the Sun enters Aquarius on January 21, 2016. A detoxifying diet or purifying therapies are beneficial. Mars travels until early March 2016 through your House of Health. Mars rules Aries and thus the head and muscles. Pay attention to your head and face. Get rid of stress, you are more important than having tot deal with stress! Go to the hairdresser or beautician. A scalp massage works wonders. But also plenty of exercise will do the trick.

In January 2016 better not lend money to friends or borrow money from friends, because there are problems. No expensive buy gifts for friends. Friendship is not for sale, but priceless! The best gift is your precious time. Friendship is about quality, not quantity!