Cancer January 2016


Cancer January 2016

You start the year with a planetary force on the social, western side of the Cancer horoscope. Every year at this time the focus is on your social life. This energy began on December 21, 2015 when the Sun entered Capricorn! Collaboration and social skills are the key to success in relationship and career. Still, you'll have to compromise now and then. Anyway, in this educational cycle you will know yourself through relationships.

Love and Relationships
In January 2016, you are a little distant and more to yourself. You have less need to enter into a relationship and to share feelings. Social commitments and your own relationship experience many changes. There are twists and distortions that have to do with the past. In January 2016 there may be a crisis in the life of friends or in your relationship. Your support is needed. Free Cancer meet interesting people! An older friend may have a favorable effect on your life. Saturn is your planet of Love. Because of Saturn, you have more difficulty to express your deeper feelings. Your partner feels a distance. Be open about how you feel, even when your grief is bigger than the ocean. Allow yourself to be comforted. Forgive others, but forgive yourself first. You do not always have to be the one who comforts. Suffering in silence only creates a distance and solves nothing.

Family and Home
Children play a big role in your life this month, Cancer. There may be problems with school. A clear approach and structural changes in the family are needed to restore order in the house. Children need structure and good example on their way to adulthood. January 2016 is a good month for creative or artistic activities with children, but also your inner child wants to come out and play!

Keep looking at the big picture, Cancer. Don’t concern yourself with unnecessary details to make progress. Priorities may also mean that difficult but quick decisions have to be made this month.
You need to make an effort this month at work. It takes more than just your magnetic attraction to convince someone! Your good business acumen and organizational skills are needed more than ever in January 2016. A good month to reform your own business or making changes at work. It may take awhile before your ideas are accepted, but that should not deter you. Perseverance! Don’t be afraid to express your ideas. Be cautious about what you write. Letters and emails are indelible when they are sent.

Collaboration and social skills are essential this month to reach a healthy financial picture! Your own financial interests, but also those of others, like your business partner, lover, husband or wife are important this month. The financial support from your spouse, business partner or loved one is very important this month. This month there are good opportunities to enter a financial partnership.
January 2016 is a good month for a major purchase or long-term investment. Also an investment in corporate training or new equipment such as a new printer for the office.

Your health is a bit delicate in January 2016. You have ease down a bit. Your energy level is lower, then you are more vulnerable. Your throat, neck and hips are the most sensitive. Old flaws stick one's head out again. The best remedy is a good night's rest and relaxation. As of January 21, 2016 your health will improve.

As of January 21, 2016 until the end of the month you should not speculate and gamble. Careful with money!
The key this month is to not be so stubborn! Open your window to new ideas and the warm interest of your partner.