Aquarius January 2016


Aquarius January 2016

The planetary forces are located on the eastern side of the Aquarian horoscope. A six-month period of independence and personal power! You do things your way, no matter what others think of you. The busy and hectic in January 2016 promises a new start in many areas. Promising new contacts in the long term both personal and business are beneficial for you.

Love and Relationships
January 2016 is a happy and prosperous month. On January 21, 2016, the Sun enters your own sign, Aquarius! Your love life goes harmoniously. You will be supported by Love. You do not have to look for love. Love finds you! In the first three weeks of January 2016 love is more spiritual and on an idealistic level. As of January 21, 2016 the love deepens itself! You're proud of your partner. Your partner is an extension of your personality this month and fills you up. The Sun symbolizes the love for Aquarius. The best days are 13th and January 14th, 2016 when the Sun forms a trine with Jupiter!
The Full Moon of January 24, 2016 falls in your House of Relationships. In the coming period, your relationship is strengthened by commitment, engagement or marriage. Not only in your personal life commitment is strong, but also in your circle of friends and business life new commitments in the long term are forged.
Relationships are very important for this month. You love to talk. Intellectual stimulation and loyalty are the main pillars for you to win your love. In your relationship, you take the lead on making all kinds of decisions. This month, serious issues are being discussed, such as housekeeping or saving money. You have a lot of confidence and are very convincing at this point in your relationship, but also to your friends. This month you going to make a decision about ending a friendship or you want to distance yourself from certain friends.

Family and Home
In the first week of January 2015 there are activities with your family. Consider a trip, visits or receiving visitors! In the second half of January 2016 there may be a joyful announcement in the family!

You start the year by finishing old projects, because a busy time lies ahead for you. As of January 4 2016, Mars enters your House of Career, the highest point in the Aquarian horoscope. This indicates an extremely busy period. This period lasts until March 6, 2016. In a private company, you work hard. You’re more active in recruiting new customers and arming yourself against your competition. You fight for your company! Also at work, you are more assertive and you come up for your interests. Good sales month for the clothing industry, international trade, legal and tourism sectors. Maintaining and recruiting relationships is vital. Do your homework and use your charm! This is also true when applying for a new job. This month there are unforeseen circumstances at work.

This month, you should pay special attention to how you say things. Complacency or an unclear message can lead to miscommunication with all the financial consequences in your business and personal life. Be clear and calm and do not be presumptuous. Not everything is going according to plan this month so you need to revise a plan. A financial contract or proposal needs to be read three times. First do your homework, then sign. Signing you’d better postpone until the end of this month.

Health is excellent this month. You have more than enough energy to do the things you want to do. However, you can suffer from coughs and colds. You are currently in a period of spiritual growth. Problems that you thought were resolved reappear. Now you need to make a really clean sweep!

You float this month! You enjoy the fullest of life. You are motivated and exudes more confidence and self esteem. A time of reflection. At the end of this month or next month it is your birthday. Look back at your previous solar year. What do you want to accomplish in the coming year? What are your social objectives and career goals? Visualize these desires. With your new solar year, your personal new year, you begin to realize your dreams.