Virgo February 2016


Virgo February 2016

The Full Moon of February 22, 2016 is in your own sign, Virgo. In the next two weeks the focus is on the connection with others. Especially this month, you are inspired to help and teach, Virgo.

Love and Relationships
This month you are taking the initiative in finding a love and in initiating new relationships. The first half of February 2016 is the best for couples. On the last day of the month there will be an icing on the cake. February 2016 is a month to work together on a common project and serious talking about the future of a relationship.
The second half of February 2016 promises many exciting moments of released passionate energy! A socially exciting time to celebrate, going out to the movies or the theater. The sexual attraction you feel for a new partner, however, will be over soon if it does not meet your expectations for a relationship on the long term. If you are looking for true love, you must have a little patience. You set the bar too high and you will be disappointed.

Family and Home
February 2016 is a busy month for your career and that means you have less time for your personal life. When you are at home, you are also at work. However, it is advisable to make time for your family and friends. Relaxation is the best way not to get overworked. A good balance between work and private life is the key to success!

The New Moon on February 8, 2016 falls in your House of Work and Service. In the next two weeks, you are hard at work. There are some tedious tasks and projects to be done, but ultimately this means more work and more revenue. Also, recognition, bonuses and commissions. February 2016 is a successful month for the Virgo who is working in alternative medicine, holistic or alternative lifestyle, science and technology. Especially in these areas you can expect breakthroughs and satisfaction. In all careers are rapidly developing new technology and advanced techniques. The sooner you accept these changes, the sooner you will reap success.
Teamwork and innovation are the keys to success in February 2016. Look beyond your horizons and take the lead! A good collaboration with colleagues and employees can contribute this month to creativity and originality. You can, however, be disappointed when you notice that others do not share your vision or you are one to carry the load. Be proactive in a team and let yourself be heard to achieve the best results.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, especially this month. You need to work hard for it. The last ten days of February 2016 are appropriate to draw up a budget and a savings plan for the future. Collaboration this month is inextricably linked to your income. For example, your partner may be linked to you personally or professionally in a financial way. In any case there is someone who assists you in your career or is playing a role in promoting your finances.

The New Moon on February 8, 2016 shows that the theme of health and welfare has a significant impact this month. A personal health problem of a health problem of a loved one worries you. However, do not worry. This health problem makes you more aware of the shortcomings in the local health care or perhaps a lack of information about a particular health problem or bottleneck in medical care. You can be inspired to write about it in order to create more awareness on this subject.

It is important to be aware of the cultural, technological and political developments this month. All these influential developments are interwoven with your life and work. Participating in local politics and environmental issues, genetically modified food etcetera can make a world of difference. Make contacts through networking or social media. Your voice can have a big impact in cultural and social changes.