Taurus February 2016


Taurus February 2016

Your private life and personal life come first in February 2016. You have to assert yourself this month, Taurus and your environment goes along with it.

Love and Relationships
Your assertive side is also reflected in love. You want to be sure you have all the love in the world. You are serious about the issue. Sexual experience is very important for you this month. You take the lead as you go hunting and to create something new in your sex life. You like to reverse the roles in love as well. With Valentine's Day the Moon is in Taurus, in your own sign and in the House of Personality. The love is all around you. The Full Moon of February 22, 2016 falls in your House of Love. February 6, February 9, February 13, February 14 and February 28 are wonderful days to fall in love. Good days to go out and meet new people and speed dating when you are single. You do not just want just a relationship, but also new experiences. Do not judge the book by the cover, Taurus. Whether in a fixed relationship in a new relationship as you strive for perfection and perhaps you cherish unrealistic expectations. You want to give love and be loved in return, but maybe you're too demanding and picky. Look for balance and harmony in your love life.

Family and Home
You feel very uneasy in February 2016. You want to throw the cat among the pigeons. You feel that there are things that should be said. You really want to clear the air to reflect events with a relative. It will not be easy to stay diplomatically and your words are perhaps not well received. But in the end you are relieved and that's what counts.

The New Moon on February 8, 2016 falls in your House of Career. In the next two weeks there is a chance of getting a promotion or advancement in your career. It is also a time for the start of a business venture or project. February 2016 is a successful month for journalists, educators, writers, spin doctors, politicians and copywriters. Words flow from your pen or keyboard and you'll have plenty of motivation to complete all tasks. Teamwork, communication skills and your logical insight to find solutions are the key to success and recognition. A good month to impress your boss or colleagues.

There may be a disturbed financial relationship because of a misunderstanding. Again, you must be clear. A robust approach to an existing problem leads to resolution and clarity. You have to be firm and assertive, Taurus.

In recent times have you tried to keep the balance in your life. You've done a lot compromising for the sake of maintaining peace and tranquility in your life. Your need for harmony and stability is so big that you've forgotten your inner self. To tackle instability and imbalance, it is important now to clear your feelings and vent grievances to the other. Inner peace will benefit your health.

Be courageous and strong. Sow faith in yourself and you will reap respect in February 2016.