Scorpio February 2016


Scorpio February 2016

During this month you can rely on your flawless golden intuition, Scorpio.

Love and Relationships
February 2016 is the month to deepen your relationship with a partner or loved one. Love, sensuality and romance is in the air in February 2016. Expect the exiting unexpected, Scorpio! On Valentine's Day, the New Moon is in Taurus, and this falls in your House of Relationships! It is quite possible that a long-term relationship develops. This Moon may open the door for an engagement or wedding! There maybe someone in your area who is really your cup of tea. You get disappointed when you find this someone is not the person you expected.
The Full Moon of February 22, 2016 falls in your House of Friendships, Groups and Organizations. Here comes a period of two weeks of entering and breaking new connections. There are more meetings and events this month. A friend may move or disappear from your life.

Family and Home
The New Moon on February 8, 2016 falls in your House of Family and Property. In the next two weeks there is a relocation, reconstruction or renovation or changes in and around the home. Maybe you want to redecorate the house and purchase new furniture or home accessories. Also, there are more short trips, more visits, phone calls and messages between close relatives. Also more quality time for your kids! This month you are more generous with friends, family, children or your lover. Find the healthy balance in this generosity, especially at the end of the month, Scorpio.

During this month you can rely on your flawless golden intuition, Scorpio. February 2016 is perfectly suited for all professions involving intuition, compassion and instinct. In business, you see possibilities and opportunities that are overlooked. That also applies to all facets of life! February 2016 is also a great month for creativity! Actors, musicians and artists are inspired and productive, in fact all professions where emotions are expressed, profit this month. You will receive this month a golden opportunity to be ahead of the competition. February 2016 is because of your golden intuition a very good month for social workers, teachers and coaches, or professions that inspires others. You know how to spot talent flawlessly or recognize good qualities in someone!

Because of your golden intuition, February 2016 is a great month for stock trading or investment in the art world. Trust your gut feeling when making the right decision.
February 2016 is a busy month, but you also see an increase in profits by major positive financial opportunities.

In many ways your physical health is a reflection of your mental health and wellbeing. When you're unsure of yourself, you look for negative attention. To compensate a lack of self confidence you tend do congratulate yourself. However, when you do you will experience envy. Also you tend to fill an inner void by unhealthy food and drink.
When you are happy, you feel good, happy and satisfied. Only then are you willing to embrace others wholeheartedly and let them share in your happiness.

This month, you have an enormous need to prove yourself to others. To whom? No one other than yourself! By loving yourself you learn to live for yourself. Stop comparing and just follow your own divine way in life.
Fulfillment comes from within and not from material things, food or love. Be yourself. You're not someone else!