Pisces February 2016


Pisces February 2016

February 2016 is for Pisces a very powerful month! You're confident and know exactly what you want and you will do anything to get it. You are assertive when necessary, diplomatic if need be, and accommodating as it is convenient. February 2016 is a month where your happiness comes first.

Love and Relationships
February 2016 is the month in which love flows like never before. You fall in love with love! February 2016 is a very social month for attending and throwing parties and events. Great month to make new contacts. Especially Valentine's Day 2016 looks promising with the Moon in the House of Communication!
The Full Moon on February 22, 2016 falls in your House of Relationships. In the next two weeks there is an engagement or marriage or you enter a business partnership with your loved one. This month can someone from the past crosses your path. In a committed relationship you have mixed feelings about this and this can endanger your current relationship. The single Pisces unexpectedly meets a loved one from the past. This person has caused you so much grief. Keep the book closed, because once again you have to experience this person is not the one for you and never will be.

Family and Home
With Valentine's Day the Moon falls in your House of Communication, traffic, siblings and neighbors. With Valentine's Day there is a short trip or a trip to a neighboring town to visit. It is also possible that you take your family on a trip! There are more telephone calls and short messages between family members. In any case, a social time to connect yourself to people.

February 2016 is the month to network and make contacts.
In February 2016, you’d better work for yourself. You will find that delegating will not be too easy. It is better to do it yourself rather than to rely others or hire someone. Put the shoulder the burden, so you can keep an eye on things. Do not rely too much on others this month. Do business with someone you completely trust. February 2016 is an excellent month for sales or for the presentation at a trade fair or market.

This month you have to work hard, Pisces. Especially in the first week and the last week of February 2016. Your hard work is well rewarded! The first half of February 2016 looks promising financially by more sales or a new job. February 2016 also shows that business partnerships and relationships is a way to get financial benefits or to receive a serious commitment or to qualify yourself or to make eligible for funds.

The New Moon on February 8, 2016 falls in your House of Release and Detachment. High expectations can cause disappointment, but you will recover quickly. A door closes and another door opens.
In the next two weeks, there is space to unwind and relax. A time to return to yourself. Maybe a short vacation, Pisces?

It is important to prioritize, organize and make them concrete. You are super motivated, but often lacks the overview. Make sure you know what your objectives are. Set goals and targets. You deserve to have success. Why would not you deserve it?