Leo February 2016


Leo February 2016

You started 2016 in a stormy way, Leo. You know that your time has come to shine, but you do not know exactly what your destination is or what to expect. You tend to stand up strong for yourself and your principles and adopt a competitive attitude in conflict situations. However, you still need others to achieve your plans and wishes.

Love and Relationships
The New Moon on February 8, 2016 falls in your House of Relationships. In the next two weeks you enter a partnership, but this could also mean a new love!
February 2016 is a passionate and sexually exciting month for love. Focus this intense energy in a positive way and to allow this passion to enter your relationship. However, this energy could also be negative causing selfish motives, angerness, irritability and intense cravings or you can alienate your partner. The best way to maintain harmony in a relationship is to experience this intense love energy through a host of activities together such as sports. You meet new friends at a cultural or multicultural event. The single Leo could meet a new love on a business trip or at the church or spiritual institution of higher education. Love relationships seem to have a serious undertone at the end of February 2016. Serious discussions are being held with a view to the future.

Family and Home
The first week of February 2016 promises to be very nice. A week dedicated to fun, laughter and nice moments with family and friends.
February 2016 is generally not a month which will be superficial, but a month in which likes and dislikes are intensely felt and expressed. If you do not agree with a plan of colleagues, employees, friends or family, say it!

February 2016 is a month of hard work! This month is particularly positive for athletes, sportsmen, competition and championship. In business must weigh where to cut or where and when to expand. This consideration will become soon a challenge by a prevailing sense of insecurity. You feel the need to act and to make decisions and yet you find it hard to take a decisive decision. Take it easy, Leo, take your time. This decision has a major impact on the business or job. February 2016 is especially beneficial for the Leo in the travel industry, fair-trade, art or cultural, ethnic and spiritual world.

February 2016 is in general, a successful financial month. This month brings financial opportunities for the future. It is recommended to achieve a financial savings or retirement plan in view of the future. Do not rush in to anything regarding your finances. Do not speculate or gamble this month.
It's also time to discuss the financial obligations in relation to a child or loved one. Valentine's Day is colored by financial obligations, Leo. On February 22, 2016 the Full Moon falls in your House of Finance. Jupiter supports this Full Moon wholeheartedly! The next two weeks will bring more money or more financial opportunities for the future.

February 2016 is a tense month in which you are restless finding your destination. You find yourself in a dead end. This makes you uneasy. Therefore, you are easily upset when you think you have been wronged whether this is true or false. A lot of energy is looking for a way out. The best thing to do is to find a proper outlet for this anger, for instance competition or any kind of sport.

You come on strong and powerful. By doing so, you alienate others this month. You need to temper your enthusiasm, bossiness or strong opinion a little. Rather, stay in the background. There is enough of you already present!