Gemini February 2016


Gemini February 2016

February 2016 is the month of temptations. Temptation is the main theme of February 2016. Stay close to yourself! This month you are inspired and passionate about what you do and what comes your way. February 2016 is the month par excellence to get started with creative projects or to plan a social event at work. This event could be a constructive support for your career.

Love and Relationships
February 2016 is a wonderful month for love culminating Valentine's Day! A month to spend lovely moment together such as enjoying a movie together, going out to a restaurant or having a short break. The first week and last week show some obstacles having to do with shared finances or financial obligations. Time to set things right!
Jupiter is your planet of Relationships. The position of Jupiter this month shows a new love can blossom with a family friend or someone from your past.
February 2016 warms you with emotional and sexual energy in new and existing relationships. In a committed relationship, there is more passion and zest for life. A less good relationship is pulled out of the doldrums. You are more sensual which is vital for the relationship. Show what you want. Your love demands are met with pleasure!

Family and Home
The New Moon on February 8, 2016 falls in your House of Travel, Abroad and other cultures. In the next two weeks you will make a nice trip or you meet foreign people. It is also possible that you start with a new study or you deepen your knowledge in a subject or belief. February 2016 is also a month of creativity! Lovely to pick up a hobby that remained untouched for so long. You have time and energy to do so.
Time to create more beauty and harmony in your world. This could be your own home, but also to strengthen relationships with family members that you have lost sight of.

February 2016 is a successful month for hotel and catering industry or creative arts. Good month to expand your customer base or to sell more products with a new business concept. Improving communication with your customers, discounts for regular customers, free samples, a contest or theme days are opportunities to bring your products to the attention.
Long-term goals and plans may go wrong, in that case you have to return to the drawing board. There are problems with financing and insuring projects and more money is needed to keep your business healthy. Plans go in the fridge to be restructured. A good financial policy is the key to success in February 2016. Your company is under a magnifying glass, so take your time to get everything in order. This month it's like you're not always in the right place at the right time. Just go ahead and make the best of it, Gemini.

In the first two weeks and at the end of February 2016 are financial obligations related to taxes and loans. These financial obligations are associated with collective assets, child support, alimony and shared resources. These end up well just as taking out a loan, drawing up a financial plan or budget and save for the future. Not a good time to invest, but to draw up a financial plan for the future as a pension plan. All in all a positive month for finances.

Just like last month, Mars is in your House of Health. Because of the influence of warrior planet Mars you much more stressed, especially in the second half of February 2016. Focus on the important things. Rest and meditation help you stay balanced.

The second half of February 16, 2016 turn out positive for making plans for the future. February 2016 is mainly adventurous period for love. The first half of February 2016 is suitable for friends and associations.
Careful preparation is required before you make a decision. Have the nerve to stick your neck out.