Cancer February 2016


Cancer February 2016

February 2016 is marked by an intense desire to broaden your horizons and finding new paths regardless of the challenge of financial constraints. The challenge is to stay positive and look for creative ways to overcome these limitations.

Love and Relationships
February 2016 is a very pleasant romantic and sensual month. A month that opens doors for you to find a new love. A solid relationship is positively stimulated in a way that your love life comes to life.
You are a truly whirlwind this month. Around you is a vibrant and exciting atmosphere. You are super attractive and you feel attracted to others. You find interesting ways to experience your love life intensely. Frank conversations have given you extra freedom and have opened exciting new doors. Enjoy it, Cancer.

Family and Home
The Full Moon on February 22 falls in your House of Communication and short trips, Acquaintances, Siblings and neighbors. In the next two weeks is a trip outside the city to the sea or to a nearby town to visit friends or family. It is also possible that you purchase a car, computer, mobile phone or telephone this month. This month you will have more e-mails, text messages and phone calls. February 2016 is a good month to reconnect with your children, siblings, neighbors and close relatives.

The first week of February 2016 bodes well for your career. The whole month is dedicated to working hard and make plans for the future. The last week of February 2016 shows a reward for your efforts like a breakthrough, bonus, commission or more sales in your business and a good profit prognosis for the future.
You are very powerful, passionate and diligent in February 2016, but you get frustrated when you find that your colleagues or employees are less enthusiastic than you are. Because of your positive, effective and peaceful attitude you automatically get more responsibility. You get a golden opportunity to show what you got.

This month, you need to be careful with financial matters. However, an overly cautious approach could lead to a missed opportunity. Too great a risk could lead to a regrettable mistake. In a number of financial decisions you have to trust the heart. Finding the right balance between taking risks and playing it safe is of the utmost importance. Both your Cancer instinct and clever financial insight are needed to find the right balance.

The month of February 2016 is a positive month for your health. Your inner being is inextricably linked to your physical condition. In case there are troubles regarding your family, you are in trouble. Family is of great importance to you, so problems won’t improve your health.Therefore, this month is a good opportunity to strengthen ties with family or trying to solve existing problems.
A difficult family situation forces you to reconsider strong beliefs and values this month.

The best approach to this month is to pick up old plan to use those as the basis for something completely new. Adapting old plans to the current time and current conditions. Use what you already have to grow to bring more novelty and excitement your life. In the first week of February 2016 there is a possibility of a long-term relationship or partnership, such as your spouse, lover or business partner or client that wants to work with you to make more money or want to help you to advance your career or to develop a joint project.