Aquarius February 2016


Aquarius February 2016

The New Moon of February 8, 2016 falls in your own sign, Aquarius. That means that February 2016 will focus on what you want and what you desire, for now and in the future.
Friendships are important in February 2016. Friends offer you practical support and encouragement. Honesty will strengthen the friendship further.

Love and Relationships
Love is complex in February 2016, but also very rewarding. Aquarius finds it exciting as something is unattainable or inexplicable. The more puzzling someone is, the more they are attracted to this person. The more complicated and passionate a relationship is, the more you become fascinated. Aquarius loves hunting, but love vulnerability and softness just as much. Free Aquarius is attracted this month to a person who wants to be "saved". In existing relationships, the balance is disturbed. Your partner thinks you're looking for a fight while you're actually you are trying to reach a deeper conversation. Valentine's Day would be a solution. A romantic movie might be the stimulation you need to achieve this conversation.

Family and Home
February 2016 is a month to be nicely productive in the house. You have energy to deal with everything, such as chores, remodeling, carpentry or gardening. The first week of February 2016 is reserved for your family to enjoy yourselves and make some unforgettable moments.

You work hard to show the outside world what you're worth. You're very resourceful in order to reach your goals. In your own business you get assignments, jobs, agreements and recognition. You want to prove your worth. The best revenge is success, Aquarius!
You work well with your influential people, your boss or senior colleagues in February 2016. These people help you on your way. A friendship with an older colleague or a person with experience in your field can be beneficial for you. Someone older or experienced takes you under his or her care. It's someone who can be harsh to you, but someone you could learn form.

You are well organized in February 2016 and are able to cope the most complex cases in an effective way. A good time to clean, remove or systematically store financial issues, administration or PC archiving systems. The bustle of every day makes you forget how important saving information and important documents actually is. And you'll notice this importance this month, Aquarius.

February 2016 is a month of new life! After the confusion of the last month, you've embarked on a clear path. It's full steam ahead for you and you notice that in your health. As of February 20, 2016 you have to deal with the flu or colds.

In February 2016, it is important that you are aware of the law and regulations of the government. This information can help you solve a problem or decision on an issue. When you are looking for legal advice you should contact a consulting firm for practical advice on how to tackle things.