Virgo December 2016


Virgo December 2016

December 2016 reflects the theme of love. Like last month, most of the planets are at the bottom of the Virgo horoscope. Once again, this month will prove the indestructible power of love.

Love and Relationships
Neptune is your planet of relationships, Virgo. Neptune travels from February 2012 through your House of Relationships. From November 20, 2016 Neptune turns direct after a long period of retrogradation. There will be clarity in all types of relationships where you previously groped in the dark. December 2016 is a sensual month of romance and increased passion. Mars is your planet of Soul Processes. Mars travels from December 20, 2016 through your House of Relationships and finds Neptune on his path. This cooperation can lead to a power struggle in December 2016. Mars wants openness. Clarity and no insecurity. You want nothing more than to express your love. Let your feelings speak for themselves, show how big your love is or how big your uncertainty. Only when problems are addressed and clarified, Mars will strengthen the relationship! January 2017 will be marked by collaboration, marriage, pregnancy, but also so solving problems thanks to Mars in the House of Relationships
The New Moon of December 29, 2016 falls in your House of Love. From that moment there will be a solemn promise in a committed relationship such as a marriage proposal or you find true love! It may also be the beginning of a long-term business partnership.

Family and Home
The New Moon on November 29, 2016 fell into your House of Family and Home. This month indicates a removal, renovation or modification of your home. Your home is the warm cradle of your personal emotional wellbeing. This month you understand the importance of your emotional well-being in order to be successful in the outside world. December 2016 is the month of psychological breakthroughs. Even if you are not using a form of therapy, the Cosmos will lead you to break with the old to make room for the new, your emotional well-being, joy and creativity. Embrace this period. From December 22, 2016, the time of the Winter Equinox, relaxation comes into your life. There will be space for you and your family to enjoy the warmth and light.

December 2016 is a true career month for Virgo. From December 8, 2016, Venus enters your House of Work, which means more sales in your business, salary increase or a new job with better working conditions. The Full Moon of December 14, 2016 falls in your House of Career. The second half of December 2016 is thus marked by career and finances, such as a new job, promotion or reward and recognition for dedication. Jupiter and Venus are your key planets for money and career. The positive positioning of both planets show more revenue thanks to a salary increase or more customers and orders in your company. The student Virgo will be focusing on coming year. An internship focused on working with children would be a good option this month. Every decision you make affects all developments in 2017. Communication is the key word this month to success. Good communication with your colleagues and your clients will lead to more sales. Especially this month, consumers are more critical and want personal attention. The holiday season in December 2016 gives you the opportunity to put yourself and your business in the spotlight.

December 2016 is also a great month for finances, Virgo. More income from your work and more sales in your company. Positive days for a new job, more earnings from your current work or days with increased turnover in your own company are 1, 3, 6, 8, 11, 21 and 31 December 2016. Put these days in your calendar! Venus is your financial planet. From November 13, 2016 to December 7, 2016 Venus travels through your House of Love and Self-Expression. During that time you spend money on fun things like gifts for the holidays, children and relaxation. From December 8, 2016 you set financial goals for next year thanks to the influence of Venus in Aquarius. You invent new ways to make money, save money or invest money. In the last week of December 2016, business opportunities and ideas come naturally come your way.

Your overall health is good this month. However, it is advisable to have some moments for yourself in this hectic month. Creative relaxation is the magic word. By being creative you stay healthy! For example, by making crafts or clothes, making your own gifts from the garden of Mother Earth. When you take a walk through the woods, you find all kinds of magic. Creating is a therapeutic healing process. It will take your mind of things. Stop thinking and be silent. Allow your soul to speak.

December 2016 is the last month of the year and month of excellence to finish things, in business as well as emotionally. Psychological breakthroughs are possible this period of evolutionary development and come naturally. This month of growth also makes you uneasy making you suffer from mood swings. By spending time in the garden of Mother Nature, meditation and spirituality, you’ll regain power.