Taurus December 2016


Taurus December 2016

December 2016 is the month to reflect on a year of progress and personal transformation. Your planet Venus is still "out of bounds" (OOB) until December 3, 2016. Just like Venus you’ve crossed your borders. Now you know how far you can go, the time has come to prepare for the future.
December 2016 is a month of career. Almost all the planets are in the upper half of the Taurus horoscope. From December 8, 2016, your planet Venus enters your House of Career. It is about you, who you are and to show the world what you're worth and what you mean to others. This trend continues in the next year.

Love and Relationships
December 2016 is a sentimental and sensual month for Taurus. You long for romance and love, to candle light and warmth. You want to have a good time together with your beloved and your friends. December 2016 is a month of creativity. You want nothing more than to spoil your sweetheart with something beautiful that you have created. Something that comes from your heart and shows how deep your love is. December 2016 is the month of scent, color, touching, tasting. You love to bring the magic in your love life to treat your beloved with a massage or a delicious home cooked meal. Pluto is your planet of love. This month, Pluto is lovingly supported by the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn. This underlines the social aspect of December 2016. The magic of being together. Have a little holiday together to celebrate love. The single Taurus is open and relaxed. At a family party you meet someone special who could be of great importance to you. Love flows naturally your way. Love is in the air!

Family and Home
December 2016 is a sentimental month. A trip down memory lane. Family and friends are the indispensable support in your life. Christmas 2016 brings you back to your past. You want to revive the good old times and share good memories with your family. Passing on the value of life to others or the passing on something of lasting value is a theme this month such as photo albums or family heirlooms, but also stories of loved ones who are no longer with you, but forever live in your heart. The New Moon in the ninth House of December 29, 2016 shows a voyage to visit friends or family, or family or friends from abroad come over to visit you. The positive influence of Neptune and Pluto shows that you travel to a country which is associated with water. The Ninth House is the House of Jupiter, the House of Wisdom and Future. A nice time to study and immerse yourself in a home study to broaden your horizons. What more can you ask for?

The planetary aspects of December 2016 show the importance of selflessness, charity and social issues. The social aspect is the main key to success in your business or the company you work for. Consider the sponsorship of a worthy cause of charity organization. A knife blade cuts both ways, financially and emotionally. Let your imagination run wild.
December 2016 is a very productive month for the artistic Taurus in the world of music or creative and artistic area and mental and spiritual support. Through your openness you can open many hearts and convincing others of your good intentions.
The year 2016 was a year of strength and confidence in your own abilities. Now you can look back at what you've achieved this year. All developments, but also the challenges were not meant to achieve success in the first place. The main thing was all about rediscovering your inner strength and unparalleled skills!

Mercury is your planet of Money. Until December 17, 2016, Mercury is 'out of bounds' (OOB). The first half of the month, besides your regular income, there are other earnings, such as a perk, a reward, a second job, etc. At the beginning of December 2016, you’ll be spending more money with Mercury in Sagittarius. From December 4 2016, Mercury travels through earthy Capricorn and then you will be more careful with your spending. You think more about the future, so you put money aside for later. The Full Moon of December 14, 2016, falls on your House of Finance. Good time for a budget plan or investment plans. Time to work things out financially. Your planet Venus shows the result of a big investment earlier fruit this year. As of December 19, 2016, Mercury goes in retrograde. Although December 2016 is the month of many temptations, Mercury in Capricorn demands to be careful with finances. It is not a time to make major purchases or investments. Also the next year shows that savings will ultimately generate profit.

December 2016 looks good for your health. However, the cold weather has a negative effect on the Taurus. You can feel the chill in your bones and preferably you would go into hibernation in a warm and cosy cave. Due to the influence of Saturn this month you benefit from a good massage. Uranus in the House of Cosmic Consciousness asks you to let go of old pain from the past. By letting go of pain is the backpack you wear is less heavy. Saturn in the House of the Soul confronts you with that pain. A new type of therapy can help to break old patterns.

December 2016 is a busy month, but in the positive way! You can look back on a year in which you have made great strides. December 2016 is the month of looking back and preparation. December 2016 is mainly a social month especially 15 and 31 December 2016. These days will be all about encounters with people who bring you insights and possibilities in the long run. Enjoy this month and look forward to what is coming. There is a lot to look forward to, Taurus!