Libra December 2016


Libra December 2016

Most planets are at the bottom of the Libra horoscope. This means that Libra is in a cycle of recovery and preparation. Here you gonna build, because before too long your career will require your constant attention. The focus is currently on your family, private life and emotional well-being.

Love and Relationships
Mars is the planet of your relationships. In the first three weeks of December 2016, Mars will be traveling through Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius is stubborn, independent and wants to keep everything nice and light, without obligations. Mars in Aquarius wants to connect to everybody, but won’t really enter into a serious relationship. Someone in your social circle shows some interest in you or you fall in love with one of your friends. Friendship is also a theme in your committed relationship. The single Libra seeks excitement and wants to date, wants to experiment. The days 6 and December 8, 2016 are auspicious days for love. Mars in Aquarius makes you restless, energetic and enthusiastic. Actually, you are not in the mood for traditions this month. More than anything you take your suitcase for spontaneous vacation. Away from it all to rediscover who you are and why you love your partner so much. From the last week of December 2016 until the end of January 2017, Mars will be traveling through Pisces. You feel attracted to artistic and spiritual types. You will then be more inclined to idealize the other. From the last week of the year, there is a social atmosphere at work and office parties to attend to. The days 21, 24 and 25 December 2016 are positive days to make contacts that are important to your career and work in the long term.

Family and Home
December 2016 shows a nice month to spend with your family, relatives and friends. Mars travels until December 19, 2016 though your House of Children and Creativity. A time to be actively involved in creative projects at home with children, organizing a party at home and connecting with family and friends.
The Full Moon of December 14, 2016 shows that the second half of December 2016 in the sign of traveling to visit family or relatives from abroad come over to visit you and your family. Jupiter and Mars supports this Full Moon wholeheartedly. This positive energy indicates a period of warmth and coziness. A time to be actively engaged with your family and friends. Maybe a vacation together, a day out, shopping together, eating out. This Mars in Aquarius wants to get out! The New Moon of December 29, 2016 falls in your House of Family and Home. This New Moon is the cosmic gate to relocating, remodeling, a new layout of your home or other furniture or repairs in your house. It is also possible that you help someone to move in the next couple of weeks.

The first half of December 2016 is a hectic, but especially lucrative and productive period. Libra who works in sales, international trade and consumer goods are most successful month.
The second half of December 2016 shows developments. The sign of Cancer rules over your House of Career. The Moon symbolizes Cancer! On December 15 and 16, 2016, the Moon is in Cancer. The Full Moon of December 14, 2016 shows a business trip, business trip abroad or entering into a contract with foreign countries. A positive period for a study that promotes your career as well. December 2016 is a very dynamic month. Things are happening very quickly right now. You really need a clear head, because you have to make some quick decisions about work. However, do not take unnecessary risks. A wrong decision can have adverse effects for 2017. There is something you have to reckon with this month and that's your mood. Inner turmoil denotes a very bad temper. It is advisable to do the following in a difficult situation: make a fist and first count to ten and meanwhile slowly relaxing your hand. At the count of ten you feel much quieter, just give it a try. In the course of December 2016 feel much better and you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

Pluto is your planet of Finance. The position of Pluto in your House of Family and Home indicates no major problems in December 2016. With the Winter Equinox on December 22 2016, the Sun enters the earth sign Capricorn. And Pluto is since December 2008 in Capricorn. Each time when the Sun is in Capricorn, you can count on an additional financial boost. However, make sure your insurance policy is watertight both personal and in business. Keep in mind there will be additional costs in your business, because employees are unable to work due to illness, weather conditions or strikes. The last ten days of December 2016 look financially good for Libra, but be careful.

Most planets are at the bottom of the Libra horoscope. The Night Side. At the bottom of the Libra horoscope it’s night, but during the wonderful night, growth and many changes take place. This means that Libra is in a cycle of recovery and preparation. Here you gonna build, because before too long you will be very busy again. During this period of the cosmic night you need more sleep. It’s a kind of hibernation. This is a period of therapeutic breakthroughs and healing.
From the last week of December 2016 it is time for pampering and attention. Go to the sauna, beautician or hairdresser or have a massage.

December 2016 is the month in which you have to trust yourself. Follow your own visions, beliefs and goals. Live your own life, truth and don't let things get you off course. December 2016 is a month of preparation. A good time to set your goals for next year. Goals that matter to you. Lose some weight, buy a house, go traveling, it does not matter what you do. Create a road map how to achieve these targets isn the best possible way.