Leo December 2016


Leo December 2016

Except for Jupiter in Libra, all planets are on the western side of the Leo Horoscope. The western side represents the other, the cooperation. During this time of year you need the help of others. To do something on your own or make a decision independently is much more difficult. Adjust yourself as much as possible to situations and allow yourself to be carried along with this cosmic flow. Your time will come soon enough! December 2016 is a month of lights and fun. Be the radiant Sun for your environment and you will be warmed too with love. The focus this month is on the harmony at home, your relationship, your family and emotional well-being with a significant role for your career.

Love and Relationships
From December 8, 2016 Venus enters your House of Relationships. December 2016 is thus marked by cooperation both in your career and in your personal life. Any problems with your lover, spouse or child be resolved in good harmony in the second half of the month.
The Full Moon of December 14, 2016 falls in your House of Friendships, Organizations and Social Involvement. The second half of December 2016 is thus marked by communication, events, parties, networking and connections.
December 2016 is the month of the commitments. Pay particular attention to the dates 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, 22, 15, 28 and 29 December 2016. These are important days to celebrate or to create a commitment of love. Also great days to make a city trip together, to have a good conversation or visiting family or friends. Escapism is an important component in December 2016. Sexuality is a form of escape from the hectic pace of life, but you will find that there are many jammers and inhibitors such as invitations, family matters, children and day-to-day obligations. What you need is a little break to get away from it all, reflecting on a complicated year in terms of relationships which you were challenged to grow into a deeper form of spiritual involvement.
Because of Saturn in the House of Love, the single Leo is looking for an older partner. This relationship will be healing and transformative on the emotional level.

Family and Home
Pluto is the ruling planet of the House of Family and Home. Pluto is associated with Scorpio. The position of Pluto in December 2016 refers to a month of déjà vues, hunches and intuitions. Even dreams about your family may be predictive. You can get in contact this week with deceased loved ones through a medium. Strong feelings about a family member or a money issue (Pluto) are pure and are clues to a solution. Children are a source of joy to you, but children could be a problem too in December 2016. To be able to enjoy each other this month, it is wise to arrange a babysitter! Furthermore, December 2016 is a great month to enjoy many special moments with your family.

From December 8, 2016 Venus enters your House of Relationships. December 2016 is thus marked by cooperation with a business partner, client, customer or business adviser to advance your career and finances. Good period when you are looking for a job, Leo. The New Moon falls on December 29, 2016 in your House of Work. This New Moon shows the start of a productive period. You're busy trying to get all the work done, but this is also a time to socialize and making new connections with a view to 2017. January 2017 will be a month of hard work, but with more chances of a bonus, commission or even a new job! The most successful this month is the creative Leo! Leo in the world of art, management, organization of theatrical and musical events, graphic design, architecture, art objects and jewelry, music, architecture and sculpture. This month, children are intertwined with your career. In your work you have to deal with more responsibilities than usual or you become emotionally involved with children, you give yourself to the rights of children or you are organizing a collection, holiday or event for sick, traumatized or underprivileged children.
Make sure this month that your company computer and office building is secured, document all appointments as well. Do not trust on a given word or handshake. Make sure your records are in order, check everything, because your accountant is only human too.

On December 20, 2016 Mars enters your House of Joint Resources, debts, assets, taxes, insurance, maintenance and loans. Until January 28, 2017 there will be financial room to make a payment, to pay off any debts and pay bills. A time to work together to bring order to financial affairs or come together in an agreement in the event of divorce regarding the combined assets and resources. Mercury is your planet of Finance. Mercury travels from December 3, 2016 to February 7, 2017 through Capricorn (on December 19, 2016 to January 7, 2017 in retrograde) and that makes you careful and serious about money matters. You want your financial future secured, you want value for money and know where you stand. It is advisable to have your Christmas shopping done before December 19, 2016, because after that time there may be some financial delays. Cash and investments are a theme in December 2016. Even though your heart is bigger than your treasure chest, do not lend money or goods to that friend or family member in need. You won’t be getting your money back or there will be damage. The same applies vice verse. Make sure you are properly insured this month when you travel, but also that your home and belongings are well insured.

December 2016 is the month of lights and fun. The most beautiful month of the year to shine. Your health is generally good, because you feel good. You have love in your heart and that you radiate. Even though you would like to enjoy all there is to enjoy, this month you also realize that health is not for sale. After a period of stress you might get sick with the flu and fatigue can play tricks on you in the second half of December 2016. The New Moon falls on December 29, 2016 in your House of Health. This is a cosmic portal to make resolutions for the new year. More exercise, eat healthier. And don’t give up!

December 2016 is the festival month par excellence, but not for every Leo. It is even possible that you will be hindered in your career, just because you have to work together. You may feel that you are not appreciated. Playing the second fiddle is not your thing. This too will pass, Leo. In the Spring of 2017, it’s your turn. Use this time to recover from a hectic year and make plans in advance.