Cancer December 2016


Cancer December 2016

December 2016 is a busy, but very exciting month for Cancer. Expect the unexpected. This month requires a clear head. Oversee, judge, rationalize, quick thinking and acting. But also cooperation and impartiality.
Mental clarity will lead to good business solutions this month. Don't get caught up in emotion. When you do you can proudly look back on December 2016!

Love and Relationships
December 2016 reflects the social aspect this month. It is about connection and cooperation in any kind of relationship for every Cancer. As of December 22 2016, the Sun enters your House of Relationships. The Winter Equinox is the cosmic gate to a period of love and cooperation. Sharing thoughts and emotions play a crucial role in the relationship. You need a lot of attention and you want to be heard. But be an attentive listener as well, listen to what is being said. Often words are misunderstood, because you do not want to understand those words or you place you own interpretation to those words. December 2016 shows a harmonious month as long as you are willing to listen. December 2016 is a month of sensual togetherness. Going out with friends, or stay home watching a nice movie. The single Cancer is looking for adventure, wants fun and loves to flirt with "bad" boys or girls, the so called players. Your House of Relationships shows a large planetary occupation this month, so it could go either way. But mostly you will learn more about the value of friendships. No matter how many friends you have, but it is about true friendship. The New Moon on December 29 shows a new commitment will be of great influence in your career or personal life.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of December 14, 2016 falls in your House of Cosmic Consciousness. The second half of December 2016 is all about rest and relaxation at home. A good period to rest, to return to yourself and catch up on your sleep. Mars and Jupiter are supporting this Full Moon and strengthen this positive vibe. This cosmic support indicates socializing with friends and family. The Moon is associated with Cancer. Each Full and New Moon has a special meaning for Cancer. The Full Moon of December 14, 2016 may indicate a move or change in your living situation.

December 2016 is a positive month for your career. Life is moving fast in December 2016. You're getting ahead of yourself this month, so beware. Good planning, collaboration, but also delegating are the keys to success this month. You can’t do this on your own, even if you think you can! The first week of December 2016 is bringing positive changes, such as promotion, a new job, better prospects and more financial opportunities. This cosmic energy brings success and a boost! December 2016 is an excellent time for planning, negotiations and looking ahead to what is coming. You have so many ideas and plans, but you prefer to handle things on your own. You're very confident, but you walk with blinders on and tend to ignore other opinions. You confide in your own methods and ideas. Try to find a balance, because at this time you really need the input, ideas and support from others to succeed. Great month for Cancer in business, commerce, law, education, publishing, media and in the advertising world. The New Moon of December 29, 2016 falls in your House of Relationships. This opens the outer door to a new form of cooperation, a compromise or business undertaking or a personal or professional relationship that supports your career, finances or studies hole. A better position to start 2017 you can not wish for. The last days of 2016 are marked by cooperation and conclusion of agreements.

Financially speaking, December 2016 is not a bad month. However, there are some obstacles that you have to consider. Do not trust your on financial intuition too much. Don’t make impulsive buys at the beginning of the month or don’t put your signature on a financial document without having read the fine print three times. Do your homework first! Even though December is the month of many temptations, do not spend money just like that. In the second half of December 2016 there is some financial disturbance you have to deal with. At the beginning of the second week of December 2016 there are tax distortions. It may have to do with an unexpected bill or a pesky financial development. A business partnership offers a solution especially from the third week of December 2016.

December 2016 is the month to ease up a little. The year is tired and so are you. The planetary stress of the first three weeks of December 2016 takes its toll. Rest is important to you this month. A short power nap in between working hours is doing miracles. Try to avoid worry and anxiety as much as possible, because stress can lead to heart problems. From the Winter Equinox on December 22, 2016 the moment when the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn, you’ll be back on track. But that does not mean that you can forget about your health. There is only one you!

The annual planetary cycle shows that you can not do without cooperation to achieve your goals even if you prefer to go your own way. Make plans in advance, because in the early spring, the focus shifts back to your own strength and will be easier to taking matters into your own hands.