Taurus August 2016


Taurus August 2016

At the end of last month, there was a big shift in which the emphasis was on cooperation. It is increasingly difficult to carry out one's own will.

Love and Relationships
This month, your love life and social life gets a spiritual touch, thanks to the position of Mars in your House of Relationships, Taurus. Mars is your planet of spirituality, so your feelings go very deep, but remain hidden. Your reserved attitude tempers your love life. You are withdrawn. There may be misunderstandings with your partner, because they feel rejected and you can not exactly explain what is wrong with you. Social obligations can also be a source of dissatisfaction, but also discussions about finances are possible this month. Have patience. Again, this will pass when the Sun enters your House of Love on August 23, 2016.

Family and Home
The New Moon falls on August 2, 2016 in your House of and Family and Home. This means a period of moving, renovating or building. It could also be the case that you help a family member to relocate or that you are going to buy new furniture or home accessories. From August 23, 2016 begins a period which is all about your family, a period of leisure, vacation, recreation and creativity. In the first three weeks, memories from the past play a major role in order to understand the present.

A busy month for the Taurus. The whole month there are meetings and meetings with persons that may be important for your career, such as entering into a business relationship or other form of cooperation. There may be a delay this month caused by a disease, or your business partner is not in a position to work. Maybe a deadlock. The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 18, 2016 is in your House of Career. Do not expect too much from colleagues or business partners. You are willing to take a huge amount of responsibility on your shoulders. Perseverance and determination are the keys to success.

August 2016 is a financially favorable month. In the first three weeks, there are some financial obligations and business decisions to make. This month you have to deal with taxes, insurance, real estate and property taxes. Possibly there're some things you can cut back on. Walk the path of caution in case of in joint resources. In the fourth week of the month, there are some pleasant surprises. Speculations are favorable until 30 August 2016. Your planet of Finance is Mercury. Mercury turns retrograde until the beginning of October 2016. Everything goes slower. Therefore, it is good to make financial decisions in the first three weeks of August 2016.

Excess work is the reason for health problems. You have a busy job much is expected of you. But alongside your busy work, you are processing and that demands extra energy. You just end up running into yourself at this time. Flu and colds don’t just fall out from the sky. What you need is rest, proper care, healthy food, warm sunshine and exercise. You tend to exaggerate everything, so take it easy with everything you do. From August 23, 2016 your health improves when the Sun enters the earth sign Virgo.

August 2016 is a month obstacles and barriers. You will conquer all this, but it will not always be easy. Due to this shift of energy, there is a thin line between realism and pessimism. There is self-doubt, so you tend to work harder. You're worried, for example, about money matters. Negative thinking is only good as long as positive solutions come forward in the end.