Scorpio August 2016


Scorpio August 2016

Last month, a planetary shift took place. In the next six months, personal goals, goal achievement and independence come first. The cosmic energy flows to you through which you are given the opportunity to make desired changes. You are responsible for your own happiness! The year 2016 is your year of transformation! This month you get more grip on the present by letting go of past events, Scorpio.

Love and Relationships
From August 23, 2016 marks a new social time for you, Scorpio. A month of new friendships and lucrative business connections! Even more opportunities in group activities and meetings to find love. Every weekend of August 2016 provides many new opportunities to fall in love and at the end of month between August 22 and August 27, 2016. In a committed relationship, it is easier to give and share emotionally.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of August 18, 2016 falls in your House of Family and Home. The second half of August 2016 shows a move, renovation or changes in and around the house. It may also be that you are helping someone to relocate. You decide your redecorate your house or you are going to buy home accessories for your house.

August 2016 is a successful month of measurable and tangible results of recognition in the permanent job and more sales in your company. The New Moon of August 2, 2016 falls in your House of Career. This New Moon opens the gate to developments at work, promotion or a chance for financial success in the long term. A favorable New Moon also for your business with more customers and contracts or the start of a new business venture. You want to prove yourself this month, mentally and physically. Unfortunately you have to deal with envy in the workplace. Scorpio engaged in research such as forensics, investigative journalism, geology, accountancy and law are the most successful this month.

The whole month of August 2016 is a positive month for your finances. Mars enters your House of Finances on August 3, 2016 until the end of September 2016. There will be more revenue through a job, overtime or a second job or more contracts in your company. A project comes your way that will bring long-term financial security. Jupiter is your financial planet. In the second half of this month Jupiter gets support from the Sun, Venus and Mercury, which is good. From 20 to August 24, 2016. Mercury provides financial resources or the ability to pay a debt from an insurance claim or tax refund. In the last week of the month Venus will be accompanied by the Great Jupiter. This not only increases the chances of winning, but also contracts for your business. Financial growth and opportunities are possible through a party, gathering or your loved one.

Mars is your planet of Health. The position of Mars this month shows that your health is delicate in August 2016. Provide plenty of rest and relaxation. Look after yourself and do not let yourself be distracted by less important matters. Go to the spa to unwind and have a massage. A detoxifying diet is beneficial for you. Forget alcohol as much as possible. From August 23, 2016 you feel better when the Sun enters the earth sign Virgo.

With ingenuity and determination, you will change yourself and the world around you. No one is going to help you to get where you want to be, only you can do that. A new phase in your life has begun in which you think and act differently. In August 2016 you will find that doors are opening for you.