Sagittarius August 2016


Sagittarius August 2016

August 2016 is a real career month. Love comes in second place, but is intertwined with your professional goals. It is the month to pursue your goals, because the odds for success are good. Great month to broaden your horizons to advance your career!

Love and Relationships
Mars is your planet of Love. From August 3, 2016 until the end of September 2016, Mars travels through your House of Personality. Mars gives you energy, but also hasty actions. Mars makes you directly and that is not always appreciated. Take some distance and take it easy! The best days for love are August 6, August 14, August 16, 17 August and August 25, 2016. Also, these are good days to meet with friends, parties or meetings or spend with family. August 2016 is a social month in order to make the connection. Mercury travels this month through your House of Career and that means that love is intertwined with your career. Love blooms abroad, in the office or at a business event. You're particularly intrigued by well-read and well-traveled people, including people with status and prestige. It's more about growth and appreciation rather than to reflection.

Family and Home
Neptune is your planet of Family and Home. Neptune conjuncts the south lunar node. Older family members feel left out. Time to make change, Sagittarius. The New Moon of August 2, 2016 falls in your House of Travel. August 2016 is a good month to go on a trip with your family or friends. It is also possible that you family from abroad visits you. The Full Moon falls of August 18, 2016 falls in your House of Communication. The second half of the month is dedicated for short trips, emails, text messages and phone calls. Also you car, mobile phone or computer has to be repaired or replaced.

In August 2016 your career is about travel, collaboration, acquisition of knowledge and your social skills. In the first half of the month you are busy at work on current projects. You have lots of energy and you set the bar high for yourself. In the second week of August 2016, the risk of deception is just around the corner, but you paint a totally rosy picture of a situation. August 2016 is a month of long term goals. Also a good time to resolve legal disputes and to enter into new business relations with foreign countries. August 2016 is a good month for the family business, acquisition or increasing role in the family business or propagation of a new vision. A family member can be helpful in advancing your career. The Sagittarius in the legal world, publishing, authors of books or blogs on philosophy, self awareness, consciousness, inner growth, society and travel are successful this month.

August 2016 is an auspicious month for your finances, especially in the first three weeks. You get financial help and support. Saturn is the planet of your Money. From August 13, 2016 Saturn continues its direct orbit around the Sun after a long period of retro gradation. There will be more financial clarity. From August 23, 2016 you may experience stress regarding your finances. Your career requires a lot of attention and therefore there is less time for finance. It is advisable make more time for your financial goals.

Your career requires so much energy this month. It seems you have no time to unwind. August 2016 is a hectic, but a very successful month and it's a challenge to keep up this pace. Success is great, but not at the expense of your health. Take time for yourself. As of August 5, 2016, proper nutrition and adequate rest between of the utmost importance.

Have a vacation this month. In all cases, take time for yourself for your much needed relaxation. You do not have to travel far to relax and experience the beautiful moments. You can always escape! Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away ... Look at who you are and what stage you are in now. You should review your life and make adjustments for the person you are now. You now have different needs and wishes, also live accordingly! In August 2016, it is time to pursue the vision you had at the beginning of 2016. Take action!