Pisces August 2016


Pisces August 2016

From August 23, 2016 the planetary power shifts to the upper half of the Pisces horoscope. Career and goals become important in the next six months.

Love and Relationships
The challenge of 2016 is to balance your interests in relation to the interests of the other. August 2016 is a great month for love and your social life. This energy will continue next month! From August 23, 2016, your House of Relationships becomes crowded with the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, your planet of Love. Wonderful position for developments in your social life and relationships, such as an engagement or marriage. In any case, the bond of love is strengthened and special people will enter your life.

Family and Home
August 2016 is the month of romance. It is possible that you are tempted and it is possible that tensions occur at home. Keep career and love separated this month. Your regular partner is going through a difficult period and is erratic and moody. Give your partner support and love as much as possible. Change in the downward spiral! Your strong and positive attitude brings the homey atmosphere in balance.

A successful, but busy month. The New Moon of August 2, 2016 is in your House of Work. From August 3, 2016 Mars enters your House of Career. This means more activity at work until late September 2016, but also some problems with colleagues, employees and customers. This month more chance to get a new job with better earnings. From August 23, 2016, the outside world and career goals become increasingly important for Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of your career. Jupiter is positively supported in the House of Relationships from August 20, 2016! Cooperation with experienced people with the right contacts the key to success in the business. Pisces in psychology, counseling or spirituality are the most successful this month. In the art world, the Pisces face criticism this month. However, you will notice that criticism lead to more success. August 2016 is the month of developing practical techniques, study programmes and systems to help others.

Financially speaking, August 2016 is a complicated month of obligations. You have bills to pay or you have to arrange a payment plan. August 2016 does show income and financial opportunities. Be careful though, especially in the first half of the month. There are snags, delays and you have to work harder to get your money. Don’ spend money that you can not afford. Note the conditions of insurance policies, loans and payment. Make sure your finances are in order.

The New Moon of August 2, 2016 is in Your House of Health. That means that a treatment is working or you see results when you are on a diet. From August 23, 2016 your health can be delicate. You'll need more rest. Your career and social life can be overwhelming. August 2016 is a good month for letting go of harmful energy. Make peace with yourself and with others.

Sometimes thoughts are your worst enemy. Negative thoughts lead to needless worrying. In August 2016 you will find that things are not as bad as they seem. And that's a relief. Listen this month to impartial and professional advice when making a decision. This month you get contradictory information. Good advice proves to be invaluable.