Leo August 2016


Leo August 2016

The New Moon of August 2, 2016 falls in your own sign, Leo! This month it is about you, your personal wishes and needs. August is a great month to bring out the best in you and make an impression on the world around you.

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon of August 18, 2016 falls in your House of Relationships! The second half of the month is devoted to personal or professional collaboration. August 2016 is a good month of love. From the second half of the month a new love awaits! Also in the solid relationship, romance blossoms. Uranus is your planet of Love. Since the end of July 2016 until mid November 2016, Uranus retrogrades. Through the influence of Uranus, on the one hand you are self-confident and outgoing and on the other hand you are very vulnerable and afraid to let go. Some delays may occur in love. Uranus retrograde tells you: Why are you so afraid for? Don’t rush things. Give love a chance to grow.

Family and Home
At the beginning of August 2016, the red planet Mars is still in your House of Family and Home. The position of Mars shows there may be news about a pregnancy. A start is made with a creative project at home. Be careful with what you say and especially how you say things at home and in your family. Family members feel offended. On the outside is your outgoing, but you also have a great need for privacy. Try this month to make more time for family and friends. During the month there are problems and discussions about obligations regarding a child. As of August 21, 2016 there solutions will be found for these problems.

In your career, the focus is on responsibilities at work in August 2016. August 2016 is a good month to put into plans in action regarding the career. Themes such as cooperation, responsibility, on principle, honesty, reputation, diligence and ethics will be regularly discussed. Dedication and hard work to ensure happiness and success go hand in hand with flair and sunny energy. The Leo in the world of sports is the most successful this month. Also a good month for the study of anthropology, architecture, design and volunteering or form of assistance abroad.

A prosperous month! The Full Moon of August 18, 2016 relates to cooperation with others, both personally, professionally or financially. Your planet of the money is Mercury. Mercury travels this month through your House of Finance and finds the great benefactor Jupiter on its path. Both Venus and the Sun join Mercury and Jupiter this month. What else do you want? The money, however, does not fall from the sky. However, it is positive time to make more money, especially at the end of the month. From August 23, 2016 the emphasis is on financing and long-term planning such as retirement. As of August 30, 2016 Mercury retrogrades in your House of Finance and continues to do so until October 7, 2016. Major purchases or investments preferably in the first three weeks. Enough money coming in, but everything goes slower than you would like.

August 2016 is an exceptionally good month for your health. You have the Sun in your heart! Especially the first three weeks of the month you are brimming with energy. A good month for sports or to start a diet, but also to make a nice trip! From August 23, 2016 it is time to slow down a bit.

The planetary position shows that personal independence come first. Now is your time to create your own luck. It is advisable now to make changes, because in the coming period, it will become more difficult. It is a beautiful and energetic time, but there is a downside. You want too much and you tend to cross boundaries. Use this strong confidence to inspire others to take action and launch initiatives.