Gemini August 2016


Gemini August 2016

August 2016 is a challenging month. There are conflicts in relationships, both professionally and personally. It will not be easy to keep everyone satisfied in August 2016. This month you will have to make choices, even though that's something you'd rather avoid.

Love and Relationships
A complicated and serious month. Heavy planetary boys, Mars and Saturn are in your House of Relationships. Relationships are being put to the test. Even though this is not pleasant, you know in the end where you stand. If there are problems in your relationship or business partnership, the time has come to make changes. August 2016 is a good month to enter into a business partnership or a form of cooperation that may be supportive of your career, finances and education. In the first half of August 2016 deception is around the corner. Be honest with each other. In a committed relationship, it's time for a good conversation to discuss the future. This month you will meet "by chance" a new love when you study, travel or when dealing with a legal matter. It is someone who is older, someone with life experience. Someone who will broaden your horizons.

Family and Home
The New Moon on August 2, 2016 is in the House of Communication, short journeys, siblings and neighbors. The next two weeks there is a short city break or you are going on a visit or family will visit you. Also there is a purchase or repairing of your car or other means of transportation, computer or mobile phone. Mercury is your planet of Family. Mercury remains until October 7, 2016 in your House of Family. A period in order to come to terms with the past, for the dissolving of old trauma and experiences. So the focus is on the home and family especially at the end of the month.

August 2016 is a volatile month for your career. In the first half of the month, your House of Communications and Knowledge is inhabited by the New Moon, the Sun and Venus! This mode enhances the intake of information, so this is quite beneficial if you take an exam. August 2016 is an ideal month for your company, conducting negotiations and dealing with legal issues. A form of cooperation in your field or a joint marketing campaign is beneficial to your career. August 2016 is because of Saturn an auspicious month for Gemini working in the police force, law enforcement, politics and government.

Pluto, the transformer, has been staying since 2008 in your House of Shared Finance, wills, inheritances, loans, the income of the spouse and alimony. The quincunx of Pluto with Gemini means a major shift and turmoil in the financial awareness for many years. Financial independence is the theme. Pluto retrogrades until the end of September 2016.
During this retrograde phase, there are issues about power and money and the complexity of life, but it can also indicate a legacy. There are prolonged power games with an ex-partner about money.

Your health is delicate this month. Stress is the major culprit. Almost all the planets are tense with Gemini. And that's not so good for your peace of mind. Make sure you get enough rest. It might be a good idea to take a vacation or at least to withdraw yourself with a good book. Massages and foot reflexology treatments are desperately needed. Focus yourself on the important things in your life. Let everything else go. Not significant. It's about you now!

This month there are bumps and obstacles, Gemini. Ask yourself: Is it the outside world doing this to me or is it a lack of confidence in myself? Am I to blame for these obstacles? Am I not too negative? What causes the obstacles, your partner? Your career? Yourself? Do you want to continue this the path you have chosen? Give yourself an honest answer and do something about it. The world just goes on and on and doesn’t wait for you! The power of Thought, affirmations and visualization are the best ways to get what you want. You achieve nothing by continuing to doubt or to deny.