Cancer August 2016


Cancer August 2016

August 2016 is marked by connection and cooperation, both professionally and in love. Openness in communication is the key. You learn from and through each other, Cancer.

Love and Relationships
August 2016 is a month of social encounters. Especially in the first half of the month. Although August 2016 is a good month for love, it does not mean that a meeting will grow into something beautiful. August 2016, a month in which you think about the deeper dimensions of love. Not only the superficial side, but on a soul level. The hidden treasures and the time to appreciate these. There are significant improvements in your love life this month. Saturn is the planet of your relationships. Saturn receives beautiful aspects this month. Problems are solved and romance blooms. From August 13 2016 Saturn is direct again. This gives you more clarity in love and in all forms of relationships. Postpone decisions in a relation until the second half of the month.

Family and Home
On August 6, 2016 Venus enters your House of Communication and Siblings. In the second week of August 2016 there is a short trip to visit family or friends or they will pay you a visit. In any case, more contract with the family, more emails, text messages and phone calls. There are purchases for the home to improve your health or technical equipment for your house.

A busy month. Your career planet is Mars. The special position of Mars from the second week of the month shows you are looking for new ways in your business. From August 3, 2016 Mars enters your House of Work. Until the end of September 2016 there is a busy time at work, new assignments in your business and more chance for a new job! A great time to complete tasks and projects. August 2016 is a great and inspiring month for the literary world, publishing, teaching, study, travel or international trade. In your work you will be prompted to take more responsibility in financial matters. Investing in your company needs a realistic approach. Analyze and evaluate all costs of profitability.

Financially speaking, there is no complaining, Cancer. From August 23, 2016, the Sun travels through your House of Finance. Financial objectives are achieved in the short term. Sales, trading, marketing, advertising and PR are the largest source of income. Neighbors, siblings, friends and family also play a supporting role. There are favorable financial opportunities in the neighborhood where you live. The Full Moon of August 18, 2016 falls in your House of Shared Resources, taxes and insurance. From that moment you have the opportunity to meet financial obligations such as payment of a debt or invoice. This month there are expenditures on computer equipment, telephone or car. Do not be persuaded to hasty purchases. Be critical, anytime.

Your health is good this month, but Mars in the House of Health insists in the coming period on the importance of physical activity to increase your energy level. A period of health and wellness, so a good time to lose some weight. Jupiter is the planet of Health warns your you not to exaggerate! Go to the spa and pamper yourself with a nice facial massage. You really benefit from this!

Take it easy, Cancer. In the second half of August 2016, you may expect more activity, so why would you rush? Do everything you do with attention and don’t make things worse than they are.
The Summer of 2016 is the occasion to learn a new language or to see life in a different perspective.