Aquarius August 2016


Aquarius August 2016

Last month a major planetary shift took place. The upper half of the Aquarius horoscope in the spotlights for now and in the coming months. The focus is on personal initiative. August 2016 is the month of action both in career and in love. The Full Moon falls in your own sign and House on August 18, 2016. From that moment on, the focus is on your growth, personal wishes and needs. Whatever makes you happy.

Love and Relationships
The New Moon of August 2, 2016 is in your House of Relationships. This shows a romantic encounter or a new business cooperation. Also, your relationship grows, such as making a promise to each other, an engagement or marriage. In the first three weeks a commitment may be formed in the long term, both professionally and in love. Do not wait but take action! This moth there are problems with a partner, in a group or your circle of friends. With your positive attitude you'll find a solution for all problems. This month you are organizing an event or party.

Family and Home
August 2016 is dedicated to children. In the first half of the month, you must ensure that children experience as little stress as possible. In the second half of August 2016, children make new friends. This month, you find time for sports or other games of skill to boost the self-confidence of children. At the end of month, older children fall in love. The special position of Mars shows that from the second week of August 2016 siblings are experiencing an extraordinary period.

The position of Mars this month shows the focus on working with children, as coach, teacher or as a champion for the rights of children. Working with children leads this month to more fulfillment and more income. August 2016 is a month of work and completing tasks and projects. From August 3, 2016 Mars leaves your House of Career, but the focus on career remains. Pluto is your planet of career. Pluto retrogrades since April 2016 and will continue to do so until the end of September 2016. So the challenge is now to get clarity on the goals you have set in your career. From August 23, 2016 there will be more options, but it takes time. Success for students at college level or college! Collaboration is the great challenge this month. The trick is to take the lead and convince others of your ideas without scaring others. With concerted effort you achieve desired goals. In any case, you need others now.

August 2016 is an auspicious month for applying for long-term loans for projects. Students are eligible for funding. Companies get a loan to expand much easier. Do not be fobbed off in August 2016 in pursuit of your dream. Unlike last month, you will have more success in finance, taxes and insurance. However, the income is not guaranteed. You have to work harder to achieve your goals. Everything goes slower because of the position of Neptune (the planet of your money) in your House Finance. Again, cooperation is key. Your partner, spouse, partner or loved one supports you financially or there are any bonuses or commissions arising from a project or collaboration. Through the other you know how to achieve financial goals, albeit with some delay.

The key this month is moderation. Do not expect too much, not from others, and certainly not from yourself. Avoid excesses. Even though you may be on vacation, it is advisable to moderate. Don’t eat and drink ans shop too much. In the second week and the last week of August 2016, you feel tired or fatigued. Please do take plenty of rest and relaxation. From August 23, 2016 your overall health will improve.

Preferably do not to travel in the weekend of 20 and August 21, 2016, because things don’t work out the way you planned you expected. The last weekend of the month is more suitable. Know when something is too much. Focus more to your partner and what his or her feelings and desires are. Manage your expectations. Don’t get your hopes up. Not all your wishes come true. Focus rather on the unexpected. The unexpected always comes.