Taurus April 2016


Taurus April 2016

April 2016 is a month to strike the balance and rethink your strategy.
The year 2016 is marked by growth, personal power and performance, but also of inner development. Your inner world is just as important as your outer world. The external changes in your life are a reflection of the changes taking place inside of you.

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon falls on April 22 in the House of Relationships. The Full Moon creates changes in the relational field. It could mean the end of a business partnership or relationship. But you can also take a new step in your relationship by getting married or engagement. It may be an end or a new beginning. Whatever happens, the end or the beginning will be a new way for all parties. The second half of April 2016 is best suited to find and meet new people or a new love. A social period! Try another approach. You'll find new people to participate in new social activities, such as charities, sports clubs or film clubs. As of April 20, 2016, you are flirtatious, playful, engaging and humorous. Show yourself, Taurus, with all your good qualities. In a committed relationship, your partner does not understand your playful attitude. You're restless and wants more fun, variety and spontaneity in the relationship. April 2016 is light and airy. Avoid confrontational and emotional talks. Rediscover how it was when you first met. Learn to play again!

Family and Home
Especially in the second half of April 2016 you have to be careful what you say and especially how to say something in the family or your family. You want to take the lead, but open up to other opinions. Again, cooperation is the key tot success.

April 2016 is inventive and progressive, especially in communications. How you communicate at work with your colleagues and superiors or private enterprise with customers and employees. Use your communication skills to improve the relationship with customers and how you can respond quickly and efficiently to their needs. This month there is a strong emphasis on adaptation to clients and employees and practical application of new skills. Your company should be directed towards innovative ways to process information and customer communications. Think about how to solve problems with customers in a quick and effective way. Consider how you can offer new products and services to your clients. How do you remain one step ahead of the competition? Attending seminars, courses and workshops will help you enhance your skills or learn new ones. Versatility is essential in your work and you have to react quickly to changes. This month you have to come up with new plans or consider a new strategy for your business or department.

In the first half of April 2016, there are a number of financial obligations that have to do with taxes, mortgage, credit cards and loans. There are also financial obligations related to child care, alimony or joint assets. April 2016 is a good month to draw up a budget plan or a savings plan. Mars turns retrograde on April 17, 2016. From that moment on there are disputes over joint assets and other joint financial obligations if you're dealing with a divorce or termination of a business partnership. The next two months are dedicated to the fulfillment of financial obligations and to find appropriate solutions.

The New Moon of April 7, 2016 falls in your House of Detachment. April 2016 is a month to take it easy. A month of rest and relaxation and catching up sleep! This month you really need relaxation. It's possible that you decide this month to pack your bags to get away from it all for a while.

Things seem to be going backwards. Events show that you have to take a step back. Take a little time to think things over, to listen, to investigate and make some plans. This means a delay, but is certainly not a cancellation. A chance to rethink everything on emotional and intuitive level to pursue an insightful approach. This is not just about practical matters, it is about you.