Scorpio April 2016


Scorpio April 2016

April 2016 is a great month in which your passionate attitude contributes to overcoming the greatest obstacles. However, your enthusiastic attitude can also lead to carelessness and imprudence. However, do not take any hasty and ill-considered decisions. First think, then act, Scorpio!

Love and Relationships
This month you are energetic and passionate. In love with love! All that fiery passion is great for your sex life, but can also lead to conflicts in your relationship. It can be hard to hard, because you're not willing to take a step back. You need freedom and space to let off steam and to clear the air. Your partner should give you the space to cool down. You'll be back as soon you have calmed down. A passionate quarrel is a sign that your relationship is good. You need the challenge! If you're looking for love, you are actually looking for a challenge.

Family and Home
This month you tend to exaggerate in your home and your family. You have big plans to change something in your house and you see a complete vision of how it should be. You forget details when you are overflown with enthusiasm. It's not as easy as it seems. Listen to the valuable advice and ideas of others. Do not promise a thing when you can not deliver, Scorpio.

April 2016 is a great month in which your vision, ideas and leadership are put forward. Cooperation is essential to achieve the desired success. This month, you have a powerful driving force that is inspiring to colleagues. Your inspiring attitude makes customers excited and colleagues dedicated to the job. You know how to recruit new staff and to promote products. On the other hand, you lose patience quickly when you notice that customers or colleague are not responding the way you want. April 2016 is a good month to make the changes at work that are needed to get more satisfaction.

April 2016 is a good financial month. Caution, however, is needed. Others point on details that you miss in your enthusiasm. An over-optimistic attitude can lead to unwise choices especially in financial matters.

Impatience is your greatest enemy in April 2016 and the source of frustration and boredom. You have to find a good constructive and positive outlet to channel all that energy! Sport is a good outlet, but again, you should not overdo it.

You want to be liked and respected in the community and in your work. Respect is yours, however remain humble. Bragging about oneself won’t get the respect and cooperation that you desire. Cooperation and respect for others is the key to success this month! The Full Moon of April 22, 2016 falls in your House of Personality. In the next two weeks the focus will be on yourself, but also on the connection with others.