Sagittarius April 2016


Sagittarius April 2016

You must have noticed it already, 2016 brings you change and variety, but also confusion! There is so much happening and things are gonna change so fast. You miss the feeling of solid ground underneath your feet. Especially in April 2016, you have an uprooted feeling like you have no control over your life.

Love and Relationships
On April 7, 2016 the New Moon falls in your House of Love and Romance! This month you fall in love! April 2016 is a social month to meet new people. In the weekend of April 9 and April 22, 2016 you meet someone at a party or on the Internet. It is possible that it is someone you know for some time. Friendship is the best foundation for love! But you show conflicting signals making it difficult to approach you and to understand why. The reason is because you are insecure and vulnerable. However, you now need a tower of strength now. Someone who takes you by the hand and takes away all your doubts.

Family and Home
The New Moon of April 7, 2016 shows that children play a prominent role this month. You like the company of children, to be together, playing and be creative. Also actively engaged in an outdoor sport in the great outdoors! During this month you like to stay at home and be creative with a project, or you lose yourself in music, a romantic movie or a novel.

April 2016 is a busy month, especially in the first half of the month. But also a successful and productive month for craftsmen, carpenters, jewelers and potters. Overall for the Sagittarius which creates patiently, but also physiotherapists and masseurs! Also a good month if you work with Mother Nature, health, psychology and alternative remedies. You are more sensitive to feelings, touching and emotions and this is useful to make the correct diagnosis, to offer comfort and to provide psychological support to patients. April 2016 is the month of inspiration. You can tap from a rich emotional source. You are able to give concrete expression to your own deep-seated emotions in words, touch art or music.

This month is particularly suited to dedicate to your financial issues such as preparing an estimate or creating a budget plan. It is of utmost importance that you do not spend too much money and create a nest egg.

The Full Moon of April 22 2016 falls on in your House of Detachment and Release. You are in need of rest. Relax yourself and surrender to sweet dreams. Mars turns retrograde from April 17, 2016 in Sagittarius. For you, this means a period until the end of May 2016 to consider what belongs in you life and what doesn’t fit in your life anymore and what you leave behind or what you take with you to what lies ahead.

Sagittarius, you are emotionally very sensitive this month, because of self-doubt. Criticism nourishes your uncertainty. Ignore negative criticism, but take constructive feedback to heart! You do not need advice and experiences from the past. Even this uncertainty can be a challenge.