Pisces April 2016


Pisces April 2016

Pisces is currently in a strong period. April 2016 s a productive month to make major steps towards the goal.

Love and Relationships
In April 2016 you want have the last word in the relationship. You take a firm position on everyday issues. Pisces are generally easy going about earthly things, but this month you are quite annoyed when you notice that everything comes down to you. Maintain a good balance here, Pisces. Mutual respect is the key to a good relationship. April 2016 is a good month when you look for love. You meet many new people. Mercury is your planet of Love. Due to the retrograded Mercury, someone from the past may cross your path at the end of the month. You’ll notice this story has another chapter.

Family and Home
In April 2016 you experience problems having to do with your family or your partner’s family. You want to be heard and taken seriously. It's your life! But it is necessary here that the balance is found. Your ideas, but also those of family and friends are also important. There must be a solution and problems must not be brushed under the carpet. April is also a wonderful time to spend with your family. By working together to decorate the home and making home improvements. Finally, your home is your safe haven and the pillar of your success. The Full Moon of April 22, 2016 shows a journey in the near future!

You are proactive, mentally sharp and very resourceful at this time. You are able to handle busy situations very well this month. Regardless whether you have to pass a test, exam, lead a meeting, making decisions or close a business transaction. You are motivating and encouraging others. It is a fast month of high intensity. Pisces who is employed in the private sector and medical world is most successful. You handle long days very well and you can concentrate better. Use this energy to impress, to take a course, learning a language or new technique. Have confidence in yourself and do not give up!

The New Moon falls in your House of Finance on April 7 2016. A good chance that you are offered a job with recognition, better working conditions and salary. April 2016 is a pretty positive month for financial security and stability for the long term. This month you can create a budget plan with a view to the future. April 2016 is a great month to earn more money.

April 2016 is a good month for your health. You feel physically strong and energetic. An ideal time to train for a sporting challenge. Your inner optimism and your inexhaustible energy help you to feel better soon. Body, soul and spirit are one. Your mental attitude affects your health and ability to recover from illnesses. A stronger mental attitude, fitness and a sensible diet strengthens your body, the temple of your soul.

Moderation is the key in April 2016: you are highly motivated and enthusiastic, but you want to prove yourself. You are driven to take risks, you want to push your own limits. You do not always do this the sensible way. Search for balance, Pisces. Listen to the wise counsel of people you can trust.