Leo April 2016


Leo April 2016

April 2016 is a fruitful and positive month for Leo! You're in a lively, energetic flow of energy now that the winter is over and the days are getting longer. You have the spring in your heart! April 2016 is all about relationships. A good time to network or to start with a new project together. You are super motivated this month and you are an inspiration to others.

Love and Relationships
April 2016 is a good month for a budding love and relationships for existing love relationships. You want to put the past behind you and focus yourself on the HERE and NOW. You are willing to take the next step such as an engagement, a baby or moving in together. If you are already married, you want to marry for the second time or perhaps plan a nice trip. A second honeymoon! Whatever you decide, you look to the future! The free Leo has a date with a friend. It's someone you fancy for a while. Friendship plays this month a major role in all love relationships. In a committed relationship you will find new ways to re-light the fire of love. The New Moon of April 7 2016 in the House of Travels shows a journey and meeting new people or people are coming from abroad to visit you. Mars turns retrograde on April 17, 2016 in your House of Love and Romance. A relationship will end in case of insoluble problems from the past. Anyway, during this period you consider what does and does not work in a relationship.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of April 22, 2016 falls in your House of Family and Home. In the next two weeks there have been changes regarding your home and family. For instance, a relocation, renovation, new furniture, at least some changes in and around the house. People come and go. A period of fun and excitement to organize a party and meeting new people. The Full Moon will therefore bring many changes on the home front. A new adventure! Perhaps you will be moving to another residence and that may have to do with your career.
Mars retrogrades from April 17, 2016. In the next two months, you may have problems with children and delay with creative projects at home.

April 2016 is a fruitful month of opportunities, also for your career! Planning and promotion are the keys to success in your company this month. Show your leadership and your enthusiasm in your own company. Or convince your boss or supervisor that your heart is in the business, show your commitment! Even after work, so how about some team building with colleagues. The stronger the team, the stronger the pillars of the company are. That little of effort can be a world of difference, even in a large company, you can get the appreciation you deserve to have. Use your creativity and see what doors will open up for you. April 2016 is a very productive month for the Leo who works in higher education and sports management, especially from the second half of the month. As a coach, teacher or mentor you have Pluto on your side in the development of your students and everyone you've taken under your wing. Again, you can make a difference here.

The New Moon of April 7, 2016 falls in the House of Travel and Higher Education. This month you go on holiday or you have a foreign visitor or you decide to study. In any case, a lot of money will be spent on travel or study. Neptune's position in the House of Shared Finances shows that you need to be careful regarding your financial records, both within your own company and private life. Make sure you do not lose the oversight. Mercury is your planet of money. Mercury goes retrograde on April 28 to May 21, 2016. Know the contents of your wallet. Prevent for theft of credit cards or debit cards.

Even if you are in a positive flow and your health is excellent, especially in the first half of April 2016 there is al lot of work to be done. This allows you to suffer from stress. Right now it is important to take time to unwind so now and then. Just a moment of calm in a hectic month. April 2016 is a good month to work on your health and wellbeing and being persistent. More exercise and a healthy diet ensures that you remain on weight and to feel comfortable in your own skin!

Where others wait, you find the ball in your court. You have so many ideas and plans regarding to promotion, advertising, international trade, publishing and study. April 2016 will open doors for something new and creates unique opportunities. Opportunities are up for grabs, Leo.