Cancer April 2016


Cancer April 2016

April 2016 is a positive and productive month without too much opposition! It's not a spectacular month of trimmings and spotlights. It mainly takes place in the background. In short, in April 2016 a relatively quiet month of preparation and completing things. April 2016 is a month to be aware of hidden or forgotten talents within yourself! April 2016 is a profound month to rediscover these talents.

Love and Relationships
April 2016 is a social month with many opportunities to find love. You get enough attention! But you're a bit cautious and are inclined to control your emotions. You want to wait a little while and observe rather than tot make a move. This aloof attitude is your secret weapon this month, it makes you irresistibly attractive. In a committed relationship you tend to flirt, but for you it is more of a challenging kind. Your conflicting signals can cause angry reactions from your partner. The Full Moon of April 22, 2016 falls on your House of Love, Romance and Fun! A nice period of creativity and entertainment, dancing, talking, sex, going to the cinema, parties, nightlife and sporting events. You have a strong desire to enjoy in April 2016 and you want to be in the middle of it.

Family and Home
The Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016 fell into your House of Family and Home. Through this event a misunderstanding with parents or in the family will be restored. However, the relationship you have with the family will change, so does the relationship with siblings.

The New Moon of April 7, 2016 falls in your House of Career. In the next month, there is high probability of a promotion or new job. A positive period for making plans for the long term. Also new business opportunities such as a new contract or renegotiating a new customer or more assignments. The wise old Saturn supports the New Moon. Saturn, the planet of karma want s you to make an effort. On April 17, 2016 Mars turns retrograde in your House of Work and Service. Mars asks you: Do you still like the work you do. What can be improved? The next four months of retrogradation are marked by hard work, but it is also possible that you are going to get a new job. A fair day's wage for a fair day's work, Cancer. April 2016 is a positive month, especially for the Cancer who works in the industry, technology and mechanical conversion. Teamwork, leadership and diplomacy are the keywords this month to reach a solution at work. The subtle approach works to your advantage.

In the first half of April 2016, it is a fair day's wage for a fair day's work, Cancer. There are tasks and projects to be completed. It's also time to get rid of all the old items or old ways of doing business. The first half of April 2016 is a good time to negotiate and make arrangements. April 2016 is generally a good month to establish a savings plan, retirement plan or budget plan with a view to the future. The second half of April 2016 will bring a financial windfall!

Due the influence of Saturn in your House of Health, it takes longer before you're fully recovered from illness or surgery. You are susceptible to viruses. Protect yourself and fortify yourself with a sensible diet, adequate rest and more exercising. The influence of the retrograded Mars may lead to skin problems to the end of June 2016. See a doctor in time!

April 2016 is about rediscovering your youth. Doing fun things that you used to do when you were a child. Things you never had the time for. Your inner child want s yo come out and play! Open your heart and embrace the playfulness. Dare to be a child. Your spontaneous and playful attitude has a stimulating effect on your partner.
Especially the Cancer in a creative profession benefits in April 2016 by combining cooperation, marketing and promotional efforts. Combining ideas and sharing resources can be lucrative for your company!