Taurus September 2015


Taurus September 2015

Eclipses bring changes. And changes are not at the top of your priority list, Taurus. However, the two eclipses this month do not fool you. In fact, your life only gets better.

Love and Relationships
The stern Saturn finally leaves your House of Relationships. Jupiter in Virgo has allied with Pluto in Capricorn. Because of this Trine in Earth, the love in your life will be getting another chance! Now that the Sun travels through Virgo, are you up to September 23, 2015 also in your delighted! The presence of Jupiter in your House of Love and Romance means a year of love, romance and playfulness. The Partial Solar Eclipse on September 13, 2015 also falls in your House of Love and Romance. This event kindles the fire of Jupiter which opens the door for a new love in your life. Children become important. Maybe a pregnancy or your new love has a child or you're going to spend more time with children.

Family and Home
The Partial Solar Eclipse on September 13, 2015 affects brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, neighbors or acquaintances. These people have to deal with profound changes in their lives. From September 6, 2015 Venus is direct again in your House of Home and Family. Until October 8, 2015, it may be a period which is dominated by relocation or moving house. Focus yourself on your family. You need them and your family needs you. As of September 26, 2015 Mars enters your House of Children. Over the next seven weeks, there can be problems with children. The Solar Eclipse of September 13, 2015 shows that especially children must be protected as much as possible. Avoid risky activities and stress as much as possible.

Venus is the planet of your career. Venus goes direct again on September 6, 2015. And that means progress, success, self-confidence and self-esteem. For those with a spiritual practice or with those that deal with spirituality, profound changes will come. In the life of a pastor or spiritual teacher transformational changes will take place or in the organization you work for. The Solar Eclipse of September 13, 2015 opens the gate to creative projects. When Mars on September 26, 2015 enters the sign of Virgo, the time has come for you to come out to do some networking. New encounters will lead to business success.

Mercury is your planet of Finance. Mercury goes retrograde on September 17, 2015 to 8 October 2015. A period of reassessment of financial issues to see where improvements can be made. During this time don’t make big financial investments or financial decisions or do major purchases. Prefer to wait until the second half of October 2015 when there is more clarity and there is no more doubt. The Solar Eclipse of September 13, 2015 takes place in your fifth House. No convenient time to go gambling or speculation. An elderly relative or child can be confronted with drastic financial measures.

Your health and energy levels have improved in recent months. Your own health and wellbeing come now on the first place! The time has come to get rid of unhealthy habits and negative people and situations in your life. Care for your body and soul. A good time to take a form of therapy for the best results.

Don’t take any risks when there’s financial doubt!
The Total Lunar Eclipse of September 28, 2015 falls in your House of Karma. The next six months will be dedicated to rest and relaxation. Letting go of everything that no longer serves you in this life. Let it go. Taurus.