Scorpio September 2015


Scorpio September 2015

The month of September 2015 is a month of parties and social meetings for Scorpio! This month, however, there are two eclipses that lead to change and upheaval in your life.

Love and Relationships
The Solar Eclipse of September 13, 2015 opens the door to a period of six months that will be devoted friendships, events, meetings, and social involvement. The time has come to go out and socialize. The group is important in the next six months. On September 26, 2015 Mars enters your House of Friendships, Groups and Social Involvement. Over the next seven weeks, you can expect invitations for parties or events, or you actively participate in an association or political organization or association. This period may however also mean that existing friendships will be broken by an argument or disagreement. Friendships are tested. There are dramatic events in the lives of friends and it is up to you how strong this friendship is.

Family and Home
The Solar Eclipse of September 13, 2015 shows some problems in the family having to do with property.

Venus continues in your Career House throughout September 2015. Until September 25, 2015 Mars travels through your House of Career. That means long hours of work and competition. In your career there are now two important things: your social connections and your work ethic, your willingness to work. This month there are more obligations and there is an increase in activities and projects, especially in the second and third week of September 2015. On September 28, 2015 the Total Lunar Eclipse falls in your sixth House of Work. In the next six months there will be more work, more jobs and projects. This Lunar Eclipse also opens the door to more opportunity for bonuses and commission if you work in sales. The Sun is connected to the career of the Scorpion. Each eclipse brings career changes. Whether you change course or make a decision to do something completely else or a move to another company. Often an eclipse changes the regulations or company policy or working conditions. Colleagues come and go during this period. Nothing stays the same. You too are changing with the times.

Money is intertwined with teamwork. The better the collaboration, the better your finances are.
Financially September is a reasonable month. Saturn enters from September 19, 2015 your House of Finance. This transition marks a long period of financial stability.

The Lunar Eclipse of September 28, 2015 falls in your House of Health. In the next six months health and welfare is number one on your priority list through healthy food and weight. Whatever comes your way, this is a cosmic wakeup call to show that there is need to change for the sake of your health. Mars is your planet.of health. On September 26, 2015 Mars enters the earth sign of Virgo. Over the next seven weeks the element of earth will bring healing. Such as mud baths, clay, gems, crystals or hot stone massage. Or dancing barefoot with Mother Earth.

The Solar Eclipse of September 13, 2015 affects computers and high-tech equipment that must be replaced or repaired. Your computer could crash or could be hacked and so it is wise to make a backup of your files. Even an anti virus program and keeping your software up to date is no luxury this month. Remember, Mercury goes retrograde this month!