Leo September 2015


Leo September 2015

In September 2015, the focus is primarily on the Ninth House of Travel and Broadening of your Horizon. It looks like that because of Mars in Leo you are going on a journey this month! In the first half of September, Jupiter in Virgo is accompanied by the Sun and that opens the door to foreign countries. This is also a positive position if you are a student. At this time students may receive some good news!

Love and Relationships
Love shows her smiling face in September 2015, Leo. You feel loved and supported in your relationship. It does not take long to find a new love if you are a bachelor. And even though you do not succeed in finding a love or you would you rather be alone, the sun shines in your heart and allows your inner child shine and play.

Family and Home
Saturn continues his journey through Sagittarius. On September 19 2015, Saturn enters your House of Family and Home.
Until the end of December 2017 this journey will clarify and consolidate all domestic matters regarding your family and friends. All depends however on good planning and good timing. This applies to buying or selling or remodeling or renovation a house.

The focus is shifting, Leo. Your career is less important and the family and private life come in first place. The Lunar Eclipse on September 28, falls into the House of Travel and Horizon Expansion. In the next six months you travel or go to college. It's time to immerse yourself in a subject that interests you. It's a fun and exciting time to travel and to undertake new adventures. You have your career goals more or less reached today. The next six months is intended to join forces and prepare yourself for a period in which the focus is on your career.
September 2015 is a month to go out, go on an adventure and meet new people.

September 2015 is a financially positive month. On August 11, 2015 Jupiter entered your House of Finance and will remain here until September 9, 2016! The Sun joins Jupiter until September 23, 2015 and when Mars enters your House of Finance on September 26, 2015, you will receive positive news in the next seven weeks. You're going to make more money because you get more work. However, because of the nature of Mars there may also be some problems having to do with financial issues. September 2015 is merely a good financial month for Leo, but the peak is at the end of the month. The Solar Eclipse of September 13, 2015 falls in your House of Finance. In the next six months you'll get the chance to earn more money by means of a new job or other opportunities. In any case, with Jupiter in the House of Finance you can count on more income and more opportunities to generate money.

You do not have to complain about your health, despite the stressful aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, your planet of health. Just enjoy nature, sports, go hiking. Embrace life to the fullest, Leo.

Symbolically speaking, this is the period of internalization in order to provide yourself with new energy. Time for yourself, your family, inward processing and personal wellbeing. About over half a year you are fully charged for a new chapter in your career!