Aquarius September 2015


Aquarius September 2015

September 2015 is a good month for your career, but less for your finances and relationships. Pay attention to these areas. Clear communication is needed here.

Love and Relationships
Your love life has improved in the past two months, nevertheless your marriage or relationship will be put tot the test with the Solar Eclipse of September 13, 2015. Especially if there are financial problems in your relationship, you'd rather not bring up for discussion. The Solar Eclipse of September 13, 2015 forces you to come forward. A good marriage or relationship survives the most heavy storm. However, a less close relationship will sink.

Family and Home
The Lunar Eclipse of September 28, 2015 falls in your House of Communication. Because of Mercury retrograde the car, computer, mobile phone, or electrical equipment show defects and must be repaired or replaced. Also be careful with equipment and drive carefully this month. Siblings, uncles or aunts, relatives or neighbors have to deal with major changes in their personal lives. In the neighborhood where you live, there is delay because of road works or construction projects.

The Moon symbolizes work and health for Aquarius. Every Lunar Eclipse brings changes in your work situation and instability in the workplace. In your own business, you can get a new order or customer. If you are in permanent employment you have to deal with a staff turnover, such as a new colleague. The Lunar Eclipse of September 28, 2015 falls in your House of Communications and Transport. In the next six months you will have to travel more often for your job. There is more email, text messages and phone calls. The Lunar Eclipse of September 28, 2015 shows that in the next six months working conditions are adjusted to promote your health and wellness.

On September 13, 2015 the Solar Eclipse takes place in your House of joint Finances, joint resources, taxes, credit cards and loans. The next six months are dominated by income through bonuses and commissions, or even taxes, credit cards and loans, grants, benefits, bonuses and other payments such as alimony and child care allowance. Mars also enters this eighth House on September 26, 2015. This passage gives you the opportunity to enter a loan. Mars, however, can mean that there is quarrel over joint assets and joint resources.
Your husband, wife, business partner, spouse or lover is experiencing a financial crisis or a period of significant financial changes. Even though these people are probably pessimistic about financial planning and strategy, in the next six months financial progress will be made.

In September 2015 you have trouble with your digestion. Be careful about what you eat!
The Solar Eclipse of September 13, 2015 brings you in touch with the theme of death. In the next six months there may be a surgery or you have to deal with someone in your area who needs surgery. During this time you also dream about death. Do not worry. Cosmos will put you in contact with your infinite soul and the reason you're alive. Life on this planet is short and can end any time. Fear of death is perhaps the major barrier to make dreams come true when we are alive.

The Lunar Eclipse of September 28, 2015 is primarily affects your car, transport and communications. So it is advisable to drive carefully and to ensure a proper backup of your computer files.