Taurus October 2015


Taurus October 2015

October 2015 is a month dedicated to love and work.

Love and Relationships
When the Sun enters your House of Relationships on October 24, 2015, a positive time follows for you to make a connection with someone who is already in your life. Pluto is your planet of Love. The Sun in Scorpio will be forming a nice connection with Pluto. Your love is growing!
It may be so that your relationship has been under pressure for the last two and a half years. If your relationship has survived this period, there will be a long period of harmony. If your relationship is broken, things become more apparent and clear. About yourself. About your relationship. What you want and what you do not want. Jupiter in Virgo is in a long, earthy and positive aspect with Pluto. Love reigns supreme! From 24 to October 27 2015 Venus forms a beautiful conjunction with Jupiter. With this connection, you are more attractive than ever before. Your heart overflows with love.
Family and Home
The first week of October 2015 is a favorable time to clean your inner house. Get rid of unnecessary baggage. Sometimes a relationship doesn’t work anymore and then it is good to close the book and stop re-reading. The connections within your family may be useful in business decisions. As of October 10, 2015 the focus will lie on your home and it may have to do with the financial obligations associated with the house.

Uranus is the planet of your career. On October 12, 2015 the Sun forms a tense square with Uranus. For your career this may lead to a big business challenge. The New Moon of October 13, 2015 falls in your House of Work. Ten days before and ten days after October 13, 2015, there can be a big development in your career. All in all, in October 2015 an exciting month which is important for the course of your career! In the next two weeks will be an increase of tasks and projects. The first three weeks of October 2015 are favorable if you are looking for work.

October 2015 is an earthly period focused on work and finances. Paying bills, bookkeeping and clean up computer files. Financial matters are on the move. Mercury is your planet of Money. As of October 9, 2015 Mercury goes direct in your House of Work. Revenues come from extra effort, for instance a second job. The New Moon on October 13, 2015 also falls in your House of Work. More projects, more money. Additional revenues also come from insurance claims or property. It is easy to take out a loan or pay off a debt. Your spouse, partner or current love gets a tax break and that is good news for you. The position of Venus from October 9, 2015 provides luck in a game of chance. For all financial matters and also for investment or speculation is the second half of October 2015, the most favorable period.

The New Moon on October 13, 2015 falls in your House of Work and Health. From the second half of October 2016 an increase of work leads to more stress. Due to stress, you may get problems with your health. Make sure you take plenty of rest and relaxation. Take care of yourself, Taurus.

The Full Moon on October 27, 2015 falls in your own sign, Taurus. The next two weeks will be devoted to attention. To give consideration and to pay attention. To yourself.
You are the center of attention. A period in which the outward appearance is important. You may be going to change something about your appearance or you buy yourself a new wardrobe. Mind your expenses, Taurus.