Libra October 2015


Libra October 2015

Venus is associated with Libra. Venus is direct again since September 6, 2015. No retrograde planets are on the eastern side of the Libra horoscope. Now it comes down to personal strength and independence. Too many times, Libra focuses on the other. Now it’s different. Trust your own impulses. Your personal goals are now much clearer. Now is the time to pursue them.

Love and Relationships
October 2015 is a lucky month for love. Mars is your planet of Love. On September 26, 2015 Mars entered in Virgo and your spiritual House of Release and Surrender. Love gets an idealistic touch. You feel attracted to creative and spiritual types, like the musician, the poet, the dancer, the spiritual inspiration of yoga teacher! Love is now on a deeper level, the passion of the moment and loving feeling. You have the courage in the last week of October 2015 to set a romantic date. Most chances of finding love are places where spirituality and love go hand in hand. For example, a charity event, at the yoga class, spiritual retreats, spiritual lecture or seminar.
In a committed relationship may be a difference of opinion in the first week of October 2015. A steady relationship can be terminated in case troubles were not prematurely dissolved.

Family and Home
The whole month of October 2015 is about relationships and your role in these relations. The relationship you have with your family members and relatives. Especially in the second half of October 2015. In this period of the year you are more focused on yourself, your personal needs and desires. Your family is not used to this. Your family therefore ask for your attention. The point is to make fair compromises and don’t allow yourself to become second place.

The second week of October 2015 looks promising for your career. Especially on October 10, 2015 there are great opportunities in the business area. The Moon symbolizes the career of Libra. On that day, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter! You will benefit from this. The professional partner fulfills a major role. This could be your business partner, but also customer or client. But also on a personal level, such as your spouse or loved one can be this month of great significance to your career/

Pluto is the planet of your Money. On September 25, 2015 Pluto became direct again after a long period. Since October 2012, Saturn held your finances firmly under control. Last month, Saturn left your House of Finance. As of September 19, 2015 there will be improvement in money matters. On October 23, 2015, the Sun enters your House of Finance. A positive time! Moreover, from 24th to October 27th, your planet Venus joins the Great Benefactor Jupiter. In the last week of October, you can count on a financial windfall.
The Full Moon on October 27 falls in your House of Joint Resources, taxes, credit cards and loans. In the next two weeks you receive taxes or insurance refund, reimbursement, bonus, commission, gift or reward. This provides you with the opportunity to pay bills and meet other financial obligations.

In October 2015 there is nothing to complain about, Libra. The planetary stress of the past months has been reduced and you can fully enjoy life. Until October 23, 2015 you enjoy the Solar Power in Libra, giving you more than enough energy! A good time to pay attention to your body and sense of wellbeing. As of October 24, 2015 you will need more rest.

The New Moon on October 18, 2015 falls in your House of Personality. This New Moon indicates the need to focus on your individual needs and desires. The next two weeks are especially dedicated to grooming and taking care of yourself. October 2015 is the beginning of a new cycle for Libra. A favorable month to start a new project or business, or to launch a new product. But if you want to do it right, wait a little until after the New Year.