Aries October 2015


Aries October 2015

Most planets are now at the top of the Aries horoscope. The outside world is becoming increasingly important! The next six months will be characterized by the outside, action, your career and your social goals. In short, the time has come to make your dreams come true!

Love and Relationships
The New Moon in Libra of October 13, 2015 falls in your House of Relationships. In the next two weeks you will meet someone who is going to mean a lot to you in both personal and professional sense. Perhaps a new love or a business partner. In any case, it is someone who will have a positive impact on your career or financial position. On September 24, the Sun entered the sign of Libra and thus your House of Relationships. When the Sun is in Libra, love reigns in your life! You love to be together. At the end of October 2015 Venus and Jupiter form a conjunction. From 24 to October 27, 2015 you can look forward to some unforgettable romantic moments!

Family and Home
During this period your attention is focused on your career and less on home and family. From the second week of October 2015 you experience a marked increase of projects at work. A very busy time indeed. It will be difficult to combine your work and private life. Try to divide your attention. So make sure for proper planning, Aries.

From the moment Jupiter entered your House of Work on August 12, 2015 you Jupiter in the House of Work, there’s an increase of work and projects. Jupiter in Virgo is also beneficial when you are looking for a job. Your chances of a promotion or business improvement in the long term is even better. Especially the second half of October 2015 looks very good for Aries when Mars and Venus travel side by side in your House of Work.
Saturn is the planet of your career. Saturn travels through Sagittarius since end September 2015. The time has come to take courses and attend seminars and workshops to strengthen your position on the labor market or to qualify yourself further in the profession you have chosen. The influence of Saturn indicates that you have to do more traveling for your work in the coming years.

Venus is your planet of Money. On October 9th, 2015 Venus enters your House of Work and Daily Activities. From that moment better financial opportunities will come your way.
Financially speaking, it only gets better. Venus traveled last month in Leo. Money was spent on vacation or fun things. From October 9, 2015 Venus travels through Virgo, which is also good for the finances, but in a different way. You now want value for money. You wont’s spend your money just like that. You work hard for the money. A fair day’s wage for a fair days’s work! From 24th to 27th October, Venus forms a beautiful conjunction with Jupiter. A very favorable financial position!
The Full Moon in Taurus of October 27, 2015 falls in your House of Finance. In the next two weeks there will be more money or is there a chance to earn more money through a new job. This Full Moon in Taurus brings financial stability in the long term.

Your health is not optimal since September 23, 2015. After October 23, 2015 there will be improvement. You will get more energy. Take it easy and make sure you get enough sleep. These are hectic times for you.

From the second week of October 2016 the has come to get rid of all you do not need in your life. Free yourself of old patterns in your life and relationships that have a negative impact on your life. A good career consultant or expert will help you further in your career. A financial adviser can help with the long-term possibilities.