Virgo November 2015


Virgo November 2015

November 2015 is a prosperous financial month in which communication is number one. Almost all the planets move in direct orbit around the Sun, so there is more momentum in your life. However, this is a preparatory phase, so do not walk too fast. This is true in love and in your career. A month of construction and preparation.

Love and Relationships
Love was out of reach, so it seems, Virgo. Neptune is your planet of Love. Neptune has been retrograde for life months. Neptune will be awakened by the Sun on November 6, 2015. That means a romantic encounter that weekend! But Neptune really awakens on November 17, 2015 from its retrograde sleep. A budding love is put to the test. When Neptune awakens, you will see whether it is true love or not. In a committed relationship, there are some problems. This month, be prepared to compromise, but finally you find a solution to a conflict situation.

Family and Home
November 2015 is a good month to visit the family. The New Moon on November 11, 2015 falls in your House of Communication, Brothers and Sisters, Uncles and Aunts. With the support of the Sun and Mercury, November 2015 is a good month to pay a visit, strengthen family ties or to resolve problems.

The Sun travels from October 23, 2015 through your House of Communications and will stay there until November 22, 2015. A favorable position for school and the Virgo who is working in primary and secondary education! You better concentrate on your studies. This position leads to better learning results. November 2015 is an auspicious month to attend lectures and seminars or courses. From November 3 2015, Mercury will join the Sun in the House of Communication. This means extra pressure! The New Moon on November 11, 2015 also falls into the House of Communication and that is a good starting point to change jobs or to apply. More work means more stress. Take a break and do not skip lunch! The Full Moon of November 25, 2015 falls in your House of Career. In the next two weeks there may be a job interview or you get some news about your work.

Your financial situation is generally good. Venus is your planet of Money. Venus enters your House of Finances on November 8, 2015, followed closely by Mars on 13 November 2015. Mars in the House of Finance indicates generosity of the spouse, partner or loved one. Revenues come from real estate, land, stock, trust funds or insurance claims. Money should be used to pay off debts. This month, it is easier to borrow money or funding. You can earn money through creative financing. Also buying at auctions of confiscated goods and real estate could turn out profitable. Abroad plays a major role this month. Foreign investments and risky investments are profitable. There will be financial growth from unexpected sources. Mars enters your House of Finances on November 13, 2015. Over the next seven weeks, you have the chance to earn more money and to find ways to build financial security for the future.

From late September 2015 Mars travels with Jupiter and Venus through your sign, Virgo. Mars will leave Virgo on November 12, 2015. Venus will leave Virgo on 8 November. By this planetary energy shift you can suffer from vertigo. You may feel more rushed and impatient. Accidents can happen because of this or you become ill through stress. Until November 22, 2015 you should take car of yourself. It does not mean you get sick, but prevention is always better than cure. Good nutrition, rest and regular exercise is all you need to stay healthy.

Almost all planets are running direct in November 2015. A good month to consider something new. Like the Moon, you are now in your Waxing Phase! At the Full Moon, the time has come to start new projects. But astrologically speaking, it is wise to wait until early 2016!
Have faith, Virgo.