Taurus November 2015


Taurus November 2015

A new cycle begins. Finally a strong pace in your life. In the second half of November 2015 except Uranus, all the planets are in direct orbit around the Sun. Uranus is the planet of your career. At the end of December 2015 Uranus will turn direct. When this moment comes, the time has come to make progress with your career and personal life! A real psychological shift. Think of it as the new dawn, Taurus.

Love and Relationships
This month, personal relationships and business relationships play a prominent role. Saturn is in the House of the Soul and Intimacy. This may be the cause of problems in intimacy for the next two years. Saturn wants to investigate deeper layers in order to make the connection with the other. Superficiality is not the case anymore. This is a time of sharing on a soul level, sharing fears, desires and secrets. Also sexuality belongs to the House of Soul. Saturn puts the focus to your desire for sex. It may be that you need for sexuality is very intense or not. Saturn makes you think why that is. It can be confronting and uncomfortable, but will eventually turn out to be liberating. The New Moon on November 11, 2015 falls in your House of Relationships. This New Moon is wholeheartedly supported by a jubilant Jupiter in the House of Love. A great time to dream about having a baby. The first half of November 2015 is a favorable social period for meeting new people or a hot date. In a fixed relationship the communication with the partner is enhanced. You can fall in love again. The bachelor Taurus is seriously in love with someone with a significant impact on the career and financial position. November 2015 is a good month to find solutions to problems and compromise so that the air is cleared before Venus on December 5, 2015 enters your House of Relationships.

Family and Home
In the last week of November 2015 news may come to you about your home and family when Jupiter on November 24, 2015 at 20 degrees Virgo revives the Solar Eclipse of September 13, 2015. Events of September 13 2015 may return whether or there will be clarification about something that took place in September 2015. On October 10, 2015 the north Node will make the transition to Virgo. The next eighteen months will be devoted to children, love, relaxation and creativity.

The second half of November 2015 is the most favorable period for your career. Venus is your planet of Work. On October 9th, 2015 Venus enters your House of Work, closely followed by Mars. As of November 13, 2015 there are positive career opportunities and favorable financial developments in the form of a bonus or reward. Also a favorable time for all forms of cooperation such as the beginning with a joint project or enterprise.

November 2015 is a financially positive month. Mercury is your planet of Money. Mercury is full steam ahead again since half October 2015 and so are your finances! There is progress and you are bale to make up for delays. Social and business commitments this month play an important role in your finances, especially in the first three weeks of November 2015. Your spouse or loved one have no money worries this month. November 2015 is a good month to pay off debts or to take out a loan, refinance a mortgage, real estate and insurance issues. The Full Moon of November 25 falls in your House of Finance. The next two weeks will bring opportunities to earn more money.
Generally you enjoy your good health, but in the first weeks of November 2015 you can suffer from fatigue. During this period you should observe yourself well. Good nutrition, adequate exercise, rest and relaxation will keep you in shape.
Have some nice walk in nature! Spoil yourself with a massage now and then.

You love to collect things around you. Your house looks like a chamber of treasures! How nice it is to amass possessions, thus liberating it can be when you clean up. The last week of November 2015 is ideally suited to declutter or give away stuff you do not (anymore) use or need. There will be room for something new!