Scorpio November 2015


Scorpio November 2015

November 2015 is a positive month for Scorpio, both professionally and personal. The New Moon of November 11, 2015 is in your own sign, Scorpio. A period in which personal power and independence prevail. Career and finances shift into the background.

Love and Relationships
November 2015 is a positive period of networking and communication. Both business and private. Especially in the first half of November 2015, there are opportunities to meet new people. A meeting could lead to a long lasting friendship, love relationship or business relationship. Venus is your planet of Love. When Venus enters the mystical House of Subconscious on November 13, 2015 a sensual period begins. A moment to restore balance. As realistic as you first were about love, so idealistic you become now. Love overflows your heart. You can find love in places of spirituality, such as church, meditation, spiritual readings, spiritual retreats or charity event.

Family and Home
November 2015 looks very favorable to your home, family and household. In the second half of November 2015 you'll have the opportunity to discuss past problems and find solutions. Emotional problems are the vanguard of the planetary shift in which the outside world becomes less important. The focus will increasingly be on the inner world. This month you can expect good news regarding the family. This month repairs are necessary in your house and attention is devoted to beautifying your home.

The first three weeks of November 2015 show good career possibilities. In November 2015, personality, independence and the way of making decisions are the keys to business success and overcoming challenges. However, your career is increasingly shifting to the background. During this period, your attention shifts to your private life. Now you have more on your private life does not mean you should pay less attention to your career. On the contrary. It is of the utmost importance that you know all the facts before entering a business contract. If you are looking for a job are the best chances are in the first half of November 2015. Vacancies can be found on the Internet or through friends and acquaintances. In the second half of November 2015, you might consider volunteering. This could lead to a permanent job or interesting contacts for the future.

Saturn has had much influence in the past year in your House of Finance. You have to deal with extra financial responsibilities. Last summer, Jupiter was square to Saturn. Because of this, finances have been improved or adapted. Budget control will still be necessary to remain financially healthy, but your earning capacity is sufficient to cover expenses and costs. Fortunately, the Sun shines from October 24, 2015 in your House of Money and you can be satisfied, even if it all goes a little slower than you would like. Mars enters Libra on November 13, 2015. The position of Mars may be the reason for altercations with colleagues or friends over money. Generally, November 2015 is a financially positive month despite planetary challenges. Auspicious days to earn more money or financial security are November 10, November 13 and November 20. These days are also very beneficial if you are looking for a job! Your family and your boss play a supporting role in your finances this month. The Full Moon falls on November 25 in your House of Joint resources, taxes, insurance and loans. In the next two weeks, a grant, allowance or refund gives you the opportunity to pay a bill of pay off a debt.

You only have to glance in the mirror to see how you are. Your health is reflected in your personal appearance! November 2015 is the month of choice for cosmetic treatment, for a new hairdo or dental treatment. Health and energy are generally good this month. Mars is your planet of Health. Mars enters on November 13, 2015 your House of the Subconscious. Over the next seven weeks you benefit the most from natural healing and spiritual therapies such as meditation and Reiki, magnetic healer or spiritual healing.

The old sage Saturn finally left Sagittarius on September 18, 2015. The next time Saturn will be looking over your shoulder will be in November, 2041.
It takes Saturn an average of 30 years to travel through the entire zodiac. If you learn the wise lessons of Saturn and take everything you learn to heart, then you're able to build a strong and stable foundation in your life for the next 30 years.