Libra November 2015


Libra November 2015


There is a major planetary shift this month. You felt it last month, but now all planets are in the lower half of the chart. The energetic Mars will be traveling from November 12, 2015 until January 3, 2016through your sign, Libra. This force will help you to achieve peace and harmony in your life. This month, the roles are reversed in love. You do not need to hunt, love comes your way!


Love and Relationships

This month, Mars and Venus will be traveling together in Libra. From November 12, 2015  Mars and Venus have a major impact on your love life. Since November 9, 2015 Venus in Libra makes you super attractive, but when Mars meets Venus on November 12 you're irresistible! You love to surround yourself with luxury and you feel like shopping. New shoes, makeup, new hairdo ... You want the best for yourself!

Your sense of style comes forward in this period. The male Libra is vain and loves to get attention!

November 2015 is a social month to go out and for meeting new people. Especially November 2,  November 10, 13, November 23, 2015 are days to remember. Mars enters your sign on 13 November 2015. The next seven weeks are dedicated to your personal wishes and needs. You are the center of attention and as a magnet you will naturally draw attention to you.


Family and Home

A generally stable month. Your partner, husband or wife is devoted to you and support you in all your decisions. In the second half of November 2015 may occur domestic tensions when your planet Venus squares Pluto. Pluto is your planet of the Home and Family. You are gonna need the diplomatic power of Mars to keep the peace and harmony in the house.



At this time of year your goals in your career are more or less achieved. And even when you're not completely satisfied, there is good progress. The time has come to recharge your batteries and prepare yourself for a next career cycle next Summer. It's time to strengthen the foundations of your career and future success. Time to bring order to your home, family and emotional life. If these fundamentals are in order, your career has a solid base to develop. The Full Moon of November 24, 2015 falls in your House of Travel and Abroad. In the next two weeks there is a business trip or communication with foreign countries. Also a higher education or taking an exam to advance your career is possible.



The first three weeks of November 2015 look financially favorable with the Sun in Scorpio! Pluto is the planet of your Money. The Great Benefactor Jupiter gets along well with Pluto, so not to worry. Revenues come mainly via the Internet, online operations and technology. As of November 2, 2015 until November 20, 2015 Mercury joins the Sun in Your House of Finance. Mercury in the House of Money shows that most of the profits come from sales, marketing and PR. Mercury also shows financial capabilities and profit from abroad, either from people or companies.

The New Moon on November 11, 2015 falls in your House of Finance. In the next two weeks you earn more money because of a job offer. Jupiter supports the New Moon from the twelfth House of Secrets. A retreat or closed session or meeting or secret negotiations in the next two weeks are most likely.



There’s no complaining this month, but there is a planetary force to be reckoned with. In the first half of November 2015 Mars is in your House of the Unconscious.  Mars always wants to go forward. Mars does not feel at ease in this House of Rest. Thus, you can be impatient and hasty. Your restlessness can lead to an accident or injury. If you use this Mars energy well, you will find that in the second half of November 2015 you have more energy. The twelfth House is a recharging location. Mars gains new energy here for the next stage in your life! So you better take it easy until November 12, Libra.



It is possible that there are some problems with a business partner or loved one in the second half of November 2015. Try to solve these problems. In the third week of November 2015, there may be escalation if these problems are not solved. As of November 19, 2015 you should be careful anyway. Your planet Venus squares Uranus and Pluto. Do not take unnecessary risks then.