Aquarius November 2015


Aquarius November 2015

This month begins a significant planetary shift. The Sun and Mercury are now in the highest tenth House in the Aquarius Horoscope. That means a shift from the East to the West. From dependence to independence. From November 2015 until the end of the year, Venus and Mars will shine in the western half of the Aquarius Horoscope. A period of personal power and independence. With this planetary force you are no longer so dependent on others as you were in the last six months.

Love and Relationships
Love reigns in November 2015. You feel powerful and strong. You feel attracted to powerful people with a certain social status and prestige. Love is more or less a stepping stone to social success to you. It is possible that you have an affair in November 2015 with your boss or someone with whom you maintain a business relationship. As of November 23, 2015 there will be a change. Power and prestige become less important. Instead, you're looking more for friendship with your partner or colleague. Friends try to mate you up with someone. You love dating on the internet or you participate in group activities to make contacts. In the last weekend of November 2015 you have a date with someone who is older than you. In any case, that someone is spiritual. The Full Moon of November 24 falls in your House of Love. In the next two weeks you'll fall in love or someone falls in love with you.

Family and Home
In November 2015, there are problems with an elder relative in the family. It may be so that this person is sick and needs attention. Especially in the third week of November 2015 you must surround that person with love and attention. Have patience with this person, Aquarius. As of November 20, 2015, there has been a disagreement with someone in your family or home. Just like you, that person is looking for more space and freedom.

In the first three weeks of November 2015 love leads the way to social success. It is possible that you have an affair in November 2015 with your boss or someone with whom you maintain a business relationship. The New Moon on November 11, 2015 falls in your House of Career. In the next two weeks there is a chance of promotion or a new job. A great time to network and to attend seminars and meetings. Pluto is your planet of career. In November 2015, Pluto is under planetary attack, so you have to work harder to get success. It is a challenge to overcome business obstacles.

In recent months, your financial situation has not been optimal. In November 2015 this situation will improve. Especially 10 and November 13, 2015 are financially advantageous days. The New Moon on November 11 this month may lead to a new job with better earnings. Neptune is your planet of money. On November 18th, 2015 Neptune awakens from his retrograde sleep. From that moment on there will be more confidence and financial clarity.

Your health is not optimal this month. The month of November is not the best month regarding your health. Your energy level is lower. You might get ill or to become overworked because of this. Get plenty of rest. As of November 23, 2015 there is an improvement in your health.

The first half of November 2015 is the most favorable time for making an appointment with friends or a good conversation. In the second half of November 2015 you have to deal with transport problems. Make sure you leave your home on time on November 23, 2015. This month you’d better stay close to home. Do not travel far.