Virgo May 2015


Virgo May 2015

The warm rays of the Sun in Taurus reach your ninth the House of Travel, Enlightenment and Higher Consciousness. Especially at the beginning of May 2015 the sun shows you everyday life from a higher perspective! The Sun invites you to read, learn, travel or attend a lecture that will change your life.

Love and Relationships
In May 2015 there are several chances to fall in love! You actually do not need to look that far. "At the corner sometimes luck awaits’, but also in the workplace! Even in a fixed relationship or marriage, love blossoms.

Family and Home
This month from 14 to May 16 and from May 22 to up to May 27, 2015 you are faced with challenges and disagreements that have to do with ideological issues. As of May 13, 2015 Mars enters Gemini and that means the fat is in the fire. You must take into account increased risk of conflict with others in the family, but also in your circle of friends and at work. It is difficult to reach an agreement.

Through the influence of Mars there will be progress, recognition and reward in May 2015! But action is required! For you that means diligence, self-confidence and a good business sense. Only then you reach the top.

Your financial picture looks good for May 2015. Your spouse is helpful in your financial planning. It is a good month to pay off old debts and boost your bank balance.

This month you have to pay close attention to your health. There is stress in the family and in your career. To release your ever worrying mind, meditation is the best way to achieve that.

Your focus in May 2015 is on your career and social destination. At work or in your own company big changes are taking place. There is so much to think about, and that takes a lot of time. To compensate you tend to spend more money, opposing to your economical, practical talents and common sense. Try to keep the balance, Virgo.