Sagittarius May 2015


Sagittarius May 2015

Spiritual life and the processing of emotions is the main focus of May 2015. Career and personal ambitions come in second place. Later on, the focus shifts to your social life and connections.

Love and Relationships
This month there is disruption and imbalance in your love life. A love boat may dash against a cliff in the storm. A marriage or committed relationship could face difficulties. However, the bachelor Sagittarius makes a breakthrough in love to take the plunge. It's better to postpone important decisions about your relationship until next month.

Family and Home
Your family and family play a major part this month, Sagittarius. Also in your family and family life, there is disruption. You will find that not everyone agrees with you or the path you have chosen. The red planet Mars enters the sign of Gemini on May 13, 2015 and thus your House of Relationships. Mars and Saturn are in opposition from 13 to May 16, 2015 and this interplanetary duel leads for Sagittarius to power struggles within the family. Later this month, there is tension too. From 22 May to May 27 2015, reaching a compromise or experiencing harmony an almost impossible task.
On 31 May 2015, a family development sweeps you off your feet.

This month there will be clarification about your career, work and all work related questions. If you are looking for a job you have a chance to find the job of your dreams. From the middle of May 2015, there is infighting and tension with a business rival, colleague or competitor. A business agreement or contract concluded in the first week of May 2015 can be very beneficial to you.

Your financial picture looks good this month, Sagittarius. Income can you expect from and through friends, connections and your social contacts. Your spouse is at your side to achieve your financial goals.

The Full Moon of May 4, 2015 brings negative emotions that undermine your good health and wellbeing.
Generally, you have a good health and strong endurance. To remain healthy, however, a balanced diet and a positive attitude is necessary. This month, your health comes first.

Resist temptation! The cosmic forces ask you to prepare yourself for busy times to come. But first keep business rolling in tour personal life.