Pisces May 2015


Pisces May 2015

Your wise words provide comfort, compassion and encouragement.
No matter how you communicate, whether you write now, talk or sing, your message has an almost magical content in the first week of May 2015. The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 4, 2015 will take you into a world that is hidden deep inside you, your deeper consciousness. Your dreams are vivid and have a predictive load. May 2015 is a month for you and family. Your career is just not that important. Peace within yourself and home, so much more.

Love and Relationships
The bachelor Pisces can find love in school, the library, a museum, the University or establishments, where wisdom is. You actually do not need to look so far, Pisces. In the second week of May 2015 the friendly atmosphere changes. Mercury, your planet of Love goes retrograde and on May 13, Mars enters the dualistic sign of Gemini. For Pisces means this that in a committed relationship you have to deal with repeated ego battles and misunderstandings. Even remote relationship requires more attention this month. This month you will be asked to sweep the ranks through friendships that no longer fit into your life.

Family and Home
Your family demands a lot of attention this month, Pisces. Especially in the second half of May 2015, there can be tensions having to do with finances. Take into account some opposition and little support for your undoubtedly good intentions. Do not be fooled.

This month, in your career and in your own company, there will be no significant progress, Pisces. In the second half of May 2015, there is a conflict with your partner, colleague or business partner. It does not make much sense to force things or trying to get things going. Everything takes time and this process as well. Spend your precious energy on preparing for busier times to come. Leverage the power of Mercury retrograde to evaluate, to look back and adjust necessary things.

This month there is no euphoric mood regarding your finances. There will be enough, but you have to work hard for it. In your family too much money is spent or a family member is a financial burden. If you want to make a big investment or acquisition is the first week of May 2015 is the most favorable.

Your health requires a lot of attention this month, Pisces. Try to minimize stress, look for peace and relaxation. You are responsible for your own emotions. Come to terms with yourself. Only you decide whether you allow stress in your life. Make that change. Don’t allow stress rule live your life, but enjoy and live your life as it was intended.

Only you can make a difference. Do not rely on someone else, but be true to yourself! With your inner strength you reach your goals. Do not force anything. If something does not work, it has a reason. Everything has a reason.
Do not be fooled and remain with yourself. Even though it is not always easy, try to put everything into perspective. A day without laughter is a day wasted!