Libra May 2015


Libra May 2015

Mars is your planet of Love. On May 13, 2015 Mars enters the vivid air sign Gemini. The Sun follows Mars in Gemini on May 22, 2015.
From that moment on, the focus shifts to Politics, Judiciary, Spirituality, Travel, Study and the World.
You are looking for inner balance in this time of challenge and change. This month you get to know yourself better, Libra.

Love and Relationships
Beside finances, the Sun in Taurus focuses on the theme of sexuality in the relationship. Your relationship with your spouse is harmonious and ways are found to ignite the fire of love. The bachelor Libra does not have to look far for love. Sometimes love waits around the corner! This month, however, there are misunderstandings between the two of you. Therefore, a budding love may soon pass. No decisions when Mercury goes retrograde from May 19, 2015.

Family and Home
Your ruling planet is Venus. On 14 and May 15 and from 22 to May 26 Venus in Cancer have to endure a lot. Venus and her fiery friend Mars are both under attack by Neptune, Pluto and Uranus. During these weeks it will be difficult to come to an agreement or compromise.

Career Path
In May 2015, major changes are underway in your career. A move is even possible for a job with better prospects. Large organizations and business firms under your direction or in which you are working for are subject to significant and lasting changes.

in the first three weeks of May 2015 the Sun in Taurus emphasizes the House of shared Finances, this means all the money that you share with your partner, business or pleasure. The first week of May 2015 is most suitable to establish a joint financial agreement. Revenues are expected to and through social contacts. Expenses are education and fun.
The Full Moon of May 4, 2015 falls in your House of Money. With this Full Moon matters relating to your financial status become transparent.
As of May 22, 2015 income is not guaranteed. You have to put in some effort to get what you deserve.

In May 2015, there is no need for complaining. Thanks to the contribution of Mars you feel vital and energetic, especially in the first half of May 2015. So far your physical health. But as you know, Body, Soul and Spirit are one! Let go of negative feelings. Open your chakras. If the chakras are not balanced, it is impossible to experience a sense of peace and harmony in your body and in your life.

In May 2015, the focus is on your career and the goals you have set. Private life and family matters come in second place. Remember that the support of your family is the pillar beneath your career in this time of lasting transformational changes. Cooperation, modification and search for support are the keys to success in May 2015.