Gemini May 2015


Gemini May 2015

May 2015 is a month that is dedicated to spiritual growth and inner development. Even though there are many changes in this period of Eclipses, you feel that your life is going up. You know what you want, shaping your won course. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own actions and you are very well aware of this.

Love and Relationships
Mars enters your sign on May 13, 2015. This fiery influence could lead to power struggles from 14 to May16 2015. You identify yourself with something or you are so passionate involved by something, that you forget your relationship and the world around you. You may be exhausted and have to deal with stress. You are easily irritated and often you respond in an angry way. You don’t realize why you react so violently. But you are at risk of alienating the person who loves you most of all. Mars will remain in Gemini until the end of June 2015. Until then it will not be easy to find a compromise with this resolute attitude.

Family and Home
This month, children in your family or children as a whole may give you headaches.

When on May 22, 2015, the Sun enters your sign, there is more clarity in the course of events. Your efforts are finally rewarded. Big changes are underway in your career. However, it is not advisable to start something new at the end of the month. Easy does it, Gemini.

Your financial outlook in May 2015 largely depends on the financial decisions you make. In short, you are responsible for your own income. It does not come natural to you. Make the necessary changes to secure your finances for the future. Generally, there are better longterm prospects. As of May 21, 2015 there will be speed in financial affairs.

In the first three weeks of May 2015 you will find that you have just enough energy to do the bare essentials. The last week of May 2015 things look better regarding your energy level. Maybe it's a good idea to start this month with a cleansing diet for your health. Drink enough water, Gemini.

Take it easy in the first three weeks of May 2015. Do not plan too many appointments and take plenty of rest. The Sun in Taurus is a period of renewal, reflection and inner peace for you. Especially the first week of May 2015, a visit to the spa will be a benevolent treat for your body, soul and spirit.