Cancer May 2015


Cancer May 2015

The Sun in Taurus is fertile and fruitful. For Cancer this is all about productive cooperation, synergy between you and the other when a common objective is pursued. In the first three weeks of May 2015 dreams come true when you make use of the magical power of collaboration.

Love and Relationships
You long for love, but keep in mind that May 2015 is not in the mood for love. Instead there will be challenges, contradictions and tension in a relationship. Saturn, your planet of love has interplanetary problems with the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury. In the first half of the month, there are issues involving misunderstandings with your partner, too high expectations, external factors such as interference of others or a difficult time that your partner has to deal with. In the second half of the month things are quieter, but in your heart you will find no rest. You feel lonely or disappointed. Never give up, Cancer. The next month is so much better for love! The free Cancer may find love at a charity event or at a meeting that supports charity.

Family and Home
Children in your family experience huge changes. In the second half of the month there may be conflict and opposition in your family. On May 13, 2015 Mars enters Gemini, for Cancer this is the House of Karma. You take someone into one’s confidence, but that someone doesn’t deserve your trust or you may have to deal with inner anger or a sense of fear. Do not take rash decisions from May 13 2015 until early June 2015.

In May 2015 your career is the foreground. But to you it feels like your career or your own business is stuck. Uranus in Aries is your wakeup call to let you know that perhaps you are at a dead end. Perhaps it’s high time for another job or alter course? In May 2015, there are changes to the Cancer who is working in the field of communication. This month cooperation, team spirit and group projects are important. Collaboration is the key to success and appreciation. In a group, you are the inspirator and leader. However, be on your guard and think strategically, because there are always rivals in the field that you deny that success.

In the first half of May 2015, there seems to be no progress in financial matters. There are problems that need utmost concentration. Financially, the second half of May 2015 is favorable. There are better opportunities to make some money. But it’s all up to you! As of May 21, 2015, it is advisable to settle your current financial issues and appointments, finance mapping and making necessary adjustments in financial plans.

In general, your health looks good, but like the phases of the Moon, it goes back and forth. Lately you have been sad, tired and you suffer from insomnia. Plenty of rest, exercise and proper nutrition keeps you healthy. Postpone activities that require a lot of energy until the second half of the month. After May 14, energy and stamina improves.

The changes that are going on in this period require a lot of energy. Because of the power shift you will be forced to handle unprocessed intense emotions and traumas. The universe is calling out to deal with these matters in order to leave it all behind. After May 14, the focus shifts to the ego. Avoid conflicts as much as possible, Cancer.