Aries May 2015


Aries May 2015

As of March 21, 2015 the planetary force shifts to the bottom of the chart for you, Aries. That means that your inner world will be important until the end of September 2015. The outside world can wait a while. The common thread of May 2015 is family and emotions.

Love and Relationships
May 2015 is an auspicious month for love! Especially if you're looking for love. The best chance for a special meeting will be at work or at a business meeting.

Family and Home
A brother, sister, uncle, aunt, neighbor or acquaintance may play a big role in your life this month, but there can also be problems involving them. You will be involved in a local project or event. As of May 8, 2015 your attention shifts to home and hearth. The lovely Venus enters your House of Family. From that time you’ll be looking for the warmth, tranquility and comfort in the safety of your own home.

In your own business you will find that there is little movement in the first half of May 2015, Aries. Overall, there is not much growth in your business or career. This is a period to rethink, review and develop new methods for future success. There are disagreements about starting or maintaining a joint project on 14 and May 15 and the third week of May 2015. Do not force anything, Aries. As of May 13, 2015 a period of trading and communication commences, when your planet Mars enters the sign of Gemini. Good period for sales and advertising, especially from May 22, 2015 when the Sun is in Gemini. Keep in mind that Mercury retrograde is from May 19th. At work there will be problems with communication. Pay attention to how you communicate in order to avoid misunderstandings. Until the end of June 2015 a period begins of meetings, lectures and seminars. But maybe you want to start a course of study. Time to feed the mind which is just as important as the body. Because of Mercury retrograde, it takes a bit longer before you understand what is said or written. The Aries who is working in the world of science sees big changes this month.

In this period of the year your finances are very well or at least progress is being made. Until May 21, the Sun in Taurus resides in your House of Finance. This month you will make a budget plan or devising a new strategy for financial security in the future. Most can be gained in real estate and investments. Sometimes it is advantageous to make an investment, Aries. This month there are major financial changes in the income of your spouse, business partner or lover.

Health wise you have nothing to complain about this month. Take plenty of rest, because the effect of the eclipses last month have not reduced. It is advisable this month to visit to the doctor to have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked.

Saturn retrogrades from March 14 2015 until the beginning of August 2015. Saturn is your planet of Career. Now there is lesser movement in your career, your focus is naturally shifted to home, family and inner processing. Even though it's Spring, for you it's Winter. Call it a timeout to gain energy for the times to come. Visualize your goals, dream your dreams. Plant your seeds. In a few months you will see your dreams become reality.