Aquarius May 2015


Aquarius May 2015


In May 2015 your family form a major factor in your life. Your career comes second place. At the most annoying moments Pluto brings up very old and secrets from the past. Like no other you know how to circumvent painful situations or conversations. With the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 4, 2015 a secret from the family can be revealed.

Love and Relationships

The first half of May 2015 is favorable for love, Aquarius. In the last week of May 2015 the bachelor Aquarius is most likely to have an exciting date! On May 13, 2015 warrior planet Mars enters the sign of Gemini and comes up against the wrong side of Saturn. This opposition makes that from that moment on the two of you are opposed as well. You don’t seem to understand each other. Even when you try to make it right, this forced peace is yet to burst at the end of the month, from 22 to May 26, 2015 when the Sun joins Mars. In June 2015 the mist disappears again and the mutual peace will be restored.

Family and Home

With the Sun in Taurus, the focus is on the domestic atmosphere. There are many opportunities and meetings to be with the family. May 2015 is a month to renovate your house or refurnish your house. Children in your family ask much of your attention in May 2015. The relationship with children in your family shows disturbances, providing you a lot of headaches this month. The best time to resolve problems in the family is the first week of May 2015.

Because of the Full Moon in Scorpio of May 4 2015 expect big changes at work. May 2015, however, is not a month to carry out plans or bring those to a successful conclusion. Leave it as it is and take your time. There are other important issues to be dealt with first.


Your financial prospects look promising this month, Aquarius. Income however do not appear out of the blue. You have to put in some effort! After May 21, 2015, it is more advantageous to make a risky investment. Your family and friends are a financial safety net for you.

Health indicates an improvement after May 22, 2015, Aquarius! Make changes in your exercise and diet to affect your metabolism! A change in your lifestyle and daily exercise for half an hour will do wonders for your body!


Be flexible this month. Compromise to achieve your goals. May 2015 is a creative month! Make good use of it, Aquarius.